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Pure-EV move to Wharfebank Mills after successful year

Press Release: January 19, 2021

Pure-EV, installers of electric vehicle charging points, recently moved offices to Wharfebank Mills, Otley, after their most successful year to date. The office move will allow them to further expand their business and make way for new staff. 

2020 brought many challenges to businesses across the region, including those in the electric vehicle (EV) sector. Pure-EV engineers work in homes to install domestic charging stations, as well as in office buildings so had to adapt to new safety regulations in a hugely different economic climate. Despite the challenges, they experienced their most successful year yet.

Their engineers across West Yorkshire and the UK installed over 1500 charging points in homes and businesses, a record-breaking number for the company. Thanks to this success, they hired five new office staff members and six new engineers so as to install even more charging stations in 2021.

“We’re delighted to move into Wharfebank Mills where we have the space to continue recruiting and expanding our business in 2021,” Dominic Barrow, Managing Director at Pure-EV, said.

The move is particularly significant for the company directors. “My grandparents worked in the North England Mills so it’s exciting to now be operating from one of the recycled mill buildings.”

Pure-EV expects that with their new staff, and the recent news regarding the banning of fossil-fuel car sales, their 2020 success will only continue into this new year.

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