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Pup or Pooch - the dos and don'ts of dog adoption

Press Release: March 01, 2010

Dog Adoption: The benefits

A dog is for life. A puppy becomes a dog. This is a concept that proposes the obvious, yet many puppy-adopting families are learning this the hard way.

The average life expectancy of a medium sized dog is twelve years, which means the decision to invite one into the home should not be taken lightly. In a lot of circumstances the efforts of caring for a puppy have proved too much, thus resulting in puppy abandonment.

Puppies require the same love, commitment and patience that babies do, especially as they have been taken from their mothers. You wouldn't suddenly give away a baby just because you couldnt take the constant nappy changing.

There are many options when it comes to dog adoption that could help smooth out the sometimes unwanted or unexpected effects of what a new addition to the family can have. For instance, bypassing the puppy/messing stage can often work in favor for big and busy working families. Re-homing a dog doesn't necessarily mean re-homing an old, unfriendly ugly dog nor does it mean losing out on the fun a puppy brings. In fact there are just as many young dogs and puppies looking for the permanent loving home they should have found first time round.

There are a number of owners who have found bringing up a dog a lot more difficult than expected. This leads to the dog having to be put up for adoption. For many families, money and work commitments are the main reasons that they feel they can no longer pledge themselves to a dog. For others, it is the simple yet nave reason of not realising how much hard work a new pup would be.

It is for this reason that dogs of all breeds, colours and ages need re-homing. So after weighing up the pros and cons of getting a dog, the second question you need to ask yourself is; get a puppy? Or re-home a pooch?

Katie Williams has worked in many animal shelters to help animals find a new home. She is currently working for pet insurance company Pet Protect, winner of a 5 star Defaqto pet insurance.

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