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PUBG Mobile Update 16.0 is Releasing Soon

Press Release: December 08, 2019

PUBG Mobile 0.16 Beta Update Leaks:
* Healing While Walking
* TPP to FPP Switching
* Erangel 2.0
* Snowboard in Erangel 2.0
* New Spawn Island
* Cable Car to climb the Hill
* Frozen Eggs (Magical Eggs)
* Loot Crate box in Snow
* PAN in TDM Mode
* New TDM Mode – Rage gear

First of all, thanks to the YouTuber who explained this update in a very easy format so that I can bring this article for my users.

Let’s get started with each update in detail and know more about the new modes and items coming in the new PUBG Mobile 0.16 Update.

Healing While Walking:
PUBG Mobile has to bring this update because of its competitors like newly born COD Mobile. This game already has this function and we can use any healing while walking.

The best part is PUBG PC and PC Lite also released this feature now its time of PUBG Mobile to add Healing While Walking feature in PUBG Mobile 0.16 Update. This feature is also available in the latest beta version.

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