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Provider Becomes Leading Speech Therapist in New Zealand

Press Release: October 27, 2020

Palmerston North, New Zealand – October 27, 2020–Speechie has now become the leading speech therapist located in New Zealand.  They work tirelessly to assist both adults and children by conducting dyslexia, literacy, ADHD, and other developmental assessments and treatments to ensure individuals can live as quality of a life as possible.


Speechie provides the Palmerston North area with speech therapy services.  They have worked with individuals in Paraparaumu, Whanganui, and the locations surrounding it as well.  Beyond the face-to-face services they offer; they also offer teletherapy services throughout New Zealand so that all residents can access their services and receive the support and treatment they need and deserve. 


Speechie has become the top New Zealand Speech Therapy provider by making it their vision to make the process of receiving the speech therapy services people need and deserve easier.  Their mission is to create new futures for individuals and to renovate lives.  They strongly believe that every individual has the right to receive the support they require so that they can learn the language, be able to communicate and learn how to read and write effectively. 


They do not require a referral from a general practitioner to provide services.  In line with their vision to make services easier to access; any individual can refer to a patient.  Individuals can easily refer to themselves or someone else with difficulty in communication for services. 


They are the largest independent provider in the Central region of New Zealand of speech-language services.  They understand the importance of communication and literacy and that these things are basic human rights.  They make services easy to obtain through their referral acceptance and their payment options.  Individuals can opt to utilize a payment plan without worrying about fees, interest, or finance charges so that they can access treatment.  Speechie works as hard as they can because they are committed to keeping costs as low and affordable as possible.  They even offer financial assistance for services provided to children. 


They provide face-to-face, mobile, and telehealth services.  They provide services to all age groups, and their target patients are those in need.  Some of the disorders that they assess and/or provide language services for are Apraxia, Autism, Auditory Processing Disorder, Dyslexia, Down Syndrome, Language Disorder, Specific Learning Disorder, Social Communication Disorder, Stroke, Stuttering, Voice Disorders, ADHD, and many more.  Speechie has become the leading provider of speech-language services because they provide quality services as easily as possible to their clients. 


To find out more check out their website at, https://www.speechie.co.nz/, email them at office@speechie.co.nz, or call them at 0508-SPEECHIE today!


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