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Proven Speech Therapy by PBN - #1 Autism Therapy Centres

Press Release: February 22, 2021

What is speech therapy?

Speech therapy services can play an essential role in helping Kids, Children, Adults improve their quality-of-life and communicate more effectively with others. Pinnacle Blooms Network speech pathologists work with a variety of disorders that affect speech, language, cognition, and swallowing (dysphagia) for individuals of all ages.

Pinnacle Blooms Network is on a mission to improve the lives of kids, children, adults with speech and language challenges. We empower kids, children, adults by providing the best plausible therapeutic services. 1 in 10 children have a speech challenge - big or small, it affects your child. No matter what type of speech challenge you are trying to fix, Pinnacle Blooms Network can help.

Our speech therapists are the best in the nation. We back all of our speech solutions with 100% pride. We are parents-owned and family-oriented. Our therapists are strongly committed to meeting the unique needs of each kid. We work closely with our families in order to ensure that our services have a lasting positive impact.

Why speech therapy?
Early intervention is optimal for the remediation of a speech or language delay.

By junior/senior kindergarten children’s speech should be understood by unfamiliar adults greater than 90% of the time.

Literacy development relies on phonemic and phonological awareness, which is facilitated by sound awareness.

Children are at risk of being teased and self-esteem issues which may affect social and academic participation.

Assessment and treatment of swallowing and feeding disorders.

Treatment following a stroke or brain injury to regain communication and swallowing function.

#1 Speech Therapy by Pinnacle Blooms Network - #1 Autism Therapy Centres Network core purposed to be empowering 80+ crore kids, people with neurological, psychological conditions across the world to be part of mainstream society, We promise to empower your kid to be self-sufficient, to be part of mainstream society, to bring smiles into your families through our #1 Autism Therapy Centres Network. 

₹18,000.00 – ₹1,44,000.00

CALL 9100 181 181 for franchise inquiries, admissions. 


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