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Protecting Global Health goes back to school, houses of worship and all non-profits.

Press Release: June 22, 2020

Protecting Global Health goes back to school, houses of worship and all non-profits.

Synergistic Sanitizing Solutions announces partnership with Clean Air USA.



                   Los Angeles, CA – June, 2020 - Synergistic Sanitizing Solutions, the leader in developing integrated solutions to keep indoor air and surfaces free from pathogens, viruses and infection, announces partnership with Clean Air USA. This new partnership will be supporting K-12, colleges, houses of worship and all non-profits to safely reopen ASAP, globally, at the highest health and safety standards and at the lowest financial cost.


“Helping schools reopen and creating safe indoor environments is our priority. Students, teachers and staff need to be protected from airborne pathogens and UV Angel is a first line of defense in this fight. We are delighted to partner with the folks at Synergistic to help schools and non-profits,” said managing partner, Alan Watts.


The CDC recommendation for all businesses and offices reopening to install UVGI air purifying units throughout their facilities, corroborates the Clean Air USA mission of Making Environments Measurably Safer.


“As a father of 2 teenage daughters, I am concerned that many decision makers aren’t aware of how unsafe, harmful and often ineffective most common cleaning products and technologies are,” said Leonard Atlas, Synergistic’s founder and CEO. Not only don’t many of them kill the virus, but they are often toxic, flammable, poisonous, etc. “I got into this business by necessity, out of concern for myself, family and friends, and then realized there was a need to help educate buyers globally on the risks and hazards of making uninformed decisions or decisions simply governed by finding the lowest cost. I'm excited to help schools and non-profits benefit from our knowledge base and the generosity of the folks at Clean Air,” added Atlas.


Synergistic Sanitizing Solutions & Clean Air, created the Protecting Global Health program to offer all non-profits globally a 20% discount on these vital UV ceiling units that continuously purify indoor air, 24x7x365. The discount program will run until August 30th. They offer instant PayPal Credit, they will create and manage a GoFundMe campaign for each non-profit and even organize corporate sponsorships for the right situations.


For further information, visit https://www.synergisticsanitizingsolutions.com/nonprofit

or contact: Leonard Atlas (424) 293-8653


About Clean Air USA. Clean Air USA - powered by UV Angel - has a singular focus: make the world a healthier and safer place for everybody. By using its patented ultraviolet (UV-C) light technology, UV Angel has created an effective way to neutralize harmful pathogens. Using a combination of hardware and software, UV Angel technology provides users with the tools that they need to ensure measurably safer and healthier environments.       www.CleanAirUSA.com

About Synergistic Sanitizing Solutions. Synergistic was founded for 2 reasons; to help cut through the clutter and confusion in making safe and healthy decisions on which sanitizing and disinfecting products to use and not use. Secondly to help create and implement a synergistic strategy to maintain clean and healthy air and pathogen-free surfaces, 24x7x365. Complimenting UV Angel is First Place Science Hospital Grade Disinfectant (in spray bottles or applied by electrostatic spray devices) to sanitize entire spaces, vents, ducts, furniture, equipment, etc. is ideal for the heavy initial cleaning, ongoing maintenance and spot cleaning of air and surfaces.

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