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Proposing Gifts For Valentine's Day

Press Release: January 28, 2010

Well, that romantic date is nearly upon us. Have you bought your Valentines gifts yet? Or maybe you are taking your time because you are thinking of ways to give your loved one the biggest romantic gift gesture of all? Are you hoping to ask your beloved for their hand in marriage on this Valentines Day? If you are, instead of just cutting to the chase and getting down on one knee in the blink of an eye, why not add some mystery and suspense with a little help from Cupids play box here at findmeagift.com?
As one of his arrows obviously must have hit you two, why not take inspiration from the god of love himself and propose with the Valentines Day Secret Message Arrow? Made of brushed steel (which makes it a nice weight) this silver arrow comes in a lovely presentation box and includes 5 spare scrolls. This is just as well, as you dont want to make a mistake asking the biggest question of your life (no pressure there then!) It also handily comes with a steel rolling rod to help insert your secret romantic message into the arrow. Yes, we also do not want any crumpled bits of scroll either; its all in the details you see!
Now dont go making a bow to fire the Secret Message Arrow at your Valentine; they may end up in casualty and youll be back on the single market! Instead, you could have a romantic meal for two and then present them with the gift box instead of dessert (although if they have a sweet tooth, leave it until coffee). Or you could make up a Valentines Day treasure hunt and make them track down the shimmering silver prize. Just make sure though that youre in place to drop to one knee when they twist the message arrow open and discover your love note rolled up inside. Ah, Cupid will be looking on with pride!
But if you are worried about stabbing your own eye out let alone theirs with an arrow, then dont worry. Why not record your proposal on the Valentines Day Record a Message Talking Teddy Bear instead? Some bears are too big or too little and some bears are too hard or too squidgy. This bear is just right for you and your Valentine on what will be a very special day for the both of you. This Talking Teddy Bear is not only super cute and incredibly huggable but more importantly, it enables you to record a message up to approximately 10 seconds long.
This exceptionally sweet and soft cuddly Talking Teddy Bear features a squishy red heart that contains the recordable voice box. With 10 seconds to ask your big question, be sure to rehearse a few times what you want to say, so that you can fit it all in. Well, you dont want your partner to be left hanging-do you? Then again you could get the bear to start off your proposal and you yourself finish it up on bended knee, whilst staring deep into their eyes (your bunnykins eyes, not the bears). However mushy you wish to get, this furry fellow is guaranteed to make your sweetheart smile. This terrific Talking Teddy Bear does not require batteries and also comes with a lovely gift tag too. This is ideal as you could always write your question on there. Just in case your mind goes a complete blank and you forget what it is you were going to ask!
If these ideas are a little too subtle then the Valentines Day Personalised Poster Single Rose, Love and Romance is the Valentines gift for you. You can have both your names, (which can be nicknames for all you snugglepuppys and sugar-lips) or just one full name or a short message. There are also two designs to choose from; single red rose or full blossoming valentine bouquet. You can have (insert name) will you marry me? subtly implemented into the image. These fabulous personalised posters are printed on gorgeously glossy A4 sized paper and will make the perfect keepsake that you can display on your wall as a reminder of this special Valentines Day. And should your offer be declined, then you could always make a huge paper aeroplane or take up origami with it!
If you are worried about rejection then you can cast your fears away with the Message In A Bottle. This Valentines Day gift is the ultimate way to put all your hearts desire on a piece of paper, quite literally actually, as you have up to 2000 characters to play with. The Message in a Bottle allows you to personalise the script inside the bottle, which means the question of proposal wont even be in your handwriting! Instead it will be printed onto cream paper, slipped into the bottle and corked. All you have to do is happen upon a shore or stream or even a puddle, where you can discreetly pop the bottle for your loved one to discover. The message in the bottle is nearly foolproof as if they have a look of sheer terror and panic on their faces, you can deny all knowledge and just say wow, I wonder where that came from? You may notice I put nearly foolproof, thats because it wont be if you leave it bobbing amongst the rose petals in your bathtub or floating in their glass of champagne.
To propose or not to propose, and if so how? That is the question. So to all you lovebirds out their hoping to pop the big question on February 14th, why not let findmeagift.com give you a helping hand with your proposal with their fantastic range of Valentines Day gifts. Good Luck!

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