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Property Solicitors launch new Internet Conveyancing Site

Press Release: April 07, 2010

Property transfer is the process of transfer of titles of ownership according to property law. The process changes depending on whether you are buying or selling a house that is freehold, leasehold, new build or right to buy. When you consider the variety of properties on the market, from apartments to mansions, you begin to understand why you need a property law expert to handle your property transfer.
UK Convey hopes to fill a gap in the market for property law experts. UK Convey can guarantee that all of their conveyancers are qualified conveyancing solicitors. Not all conveyance companies hire solicitors as it is cheaper not to.
The owners of UK Convey, law firm Norman Saville & Co, decided to only hire qualified Solicitors for the conveyancing division, as a solicitor is often able to complete the property transfer more efficiently. Conveyancing Solicitors are qualified in property law therefore they are often better equipped to handle any disruptions in the property transfer, which can happen with chain purchases for example.
To find out more about what paperwork you need when you are buying or selling a house, looking to remortgage, transfer equity, transfer property or obtain a Home Information Pack it is best to speak to a conveyancing Solicitor.
Norman Saville & Co is a UK law firm situated in the big three UK cities: London, Birmingham and Manchester. One area of legal expertise is Conveyancing. Norman Saville & Co services private clients and business on a no pro bono basis.

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