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Promotional Carrier Bags for Advertising - by Smart Carrier Bags UK

Press Release: September 23, 2020

Are you searching for new marketing strategies for your business? Look no further, try carrier bags. You might be surprised to find out the various ways carrier bags aid business marketing. 
You may also be wondering, what are the secrets of successful business giants today? It goes beyond having good products or services, it also requires great marketing. Marketing your brand is simply letting people know about your brand and how it could be useful to them. Having a perfect product or service without your prospects knowing about them is useless, you must advertise in a way that is appealing and recognisable to your potential customers.

While TV ads, social media and other promotional mediums are brilliant and effective marketing tools, we should not neglect the effectiveness of carrier bags. Almost everyone is purchasing one or two products today, others are carrying something with them when they leave the house for the office, school, store, temple etcetera. These things are kept and transported in bags of different shapes and sizes for convenience and safety. With this in mind, you can begin to understand just how huge the carrier bag industry really and how effective it could be if properly utilised as a business marketing tool. 

Printed carrier bags are perfect for new businesses or start-ups. Instead of only handing out flyers containing information about your business, you could diversify by communicating your products, services, brand identity and values on carrier bags. As you must have noticed, carrier bags are used by many globally. Thus, making it one of the simplest forms of marketing without spending too much money, effort, and time. It is also not as obvious as other forms of marketing, hence less likely to irritate your prospects or customers.

Carrier bags are a great option for advertisement but before investing in marketing with carrier bags, make sure that your business needs them in the first place.

Reasons Why Promotional Bags from Smart Carrier Bags UK Are Perfect For Advertising

Marketing your brand can be very costly and you will find that a lot of industry giant invest a lot of money into marketing their brand and products. However, for small businesses and start-ups, it is very difficult to spend similar budgets as the industry giants on marketing. It is not wise to invest all your money on marketing, and to cut down on marketing costs, these businesses must research cheaper available means of marketing i.e. carrier bags. Carrier bags are used globally and almost everyone has a use for them occasionally. Compared to other methods of marketing like social media and television, carrier bags will cost less but also play a huge role in getting your brand more visibility.

Fashionable and Trendy
There are companies today that can provide you with great quality carrier bags and can even customise them to represent your brand identity. Carrier bags do not have to be bare and boring, they can also be fashionable and utilised almost anywhere or for occasion. Having a great design for your carrier bags will help to capture the attention of prospects as well as create a conversation about your brand. This will give your brand more exposure which can lead to more customers and increased revenue. 

Brand placements 
Businesses can use their promotional carrier bags for brand placements i.e. television, internet ads, fashion walks etcetera. Imagine a popular celebrity wearing one of your carrier bag with your logo branded on it to a gala or your carrier bag featuring in a popular tv show in the hands of a very recognisable character. These types of placements can help to boost your brand reputation and attract new customers to your business.

Carrier bags are reusable and people do not have to spend money on a new one daily. Most carrier bags can be reused up to 4 times depending on their quality or how it is managed. With this fact in mind, another great advantage of marketing with carrier bags is that your brand is always getting promoted each time they get reused. Customers carrying your bags everywhere they go also means that your brand is getting advertised everywhere they go. Now, what is the greatest thing about this type of marketing? You do not have to pay them for it, it is completely free. Moreover, it also minimizes plastic environmental pollution and is a great way of helping our environment.

Customising a carrier bag based on your brand identity i.e. colours and fonts; is very important for making your brand recognisable and leaving a lasting impression on your customers. For businesses using carrier bags for packaging purposes, designing your carrier bags to be colourful and appealing could have a massive impact on how often your customers use them. some customers may never reuse your bags if they find them ugly and this means less advertisement from them. Meanwhile, if your carrier bags are loved by your customers, they will most likely flaunt it and this can lead to an increase in popularity and demand for your products. 
Providing your customers with beautiful and quality carrier bags is also a way of saying “thank you” for their patronage and letting them know that they are valued.

Things to Consider When Buying In Bulk
The material quality of the bag
Types of handles
Design – logo, colour and wordings.

You need to make sure that your carrier bags are reliable and capable of carrying your products. Remember that the main purpose of the carrier bags is to safe keep and transport your products; and not just for promotional purposes only.

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