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Project WET Partners with KITABOO to Deliver Digital Content on an eBook Platform

Press Release: May 24, 2021

Project WET: Water Education Today is a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing water education to understand global challenges and creating awareness about the value of water resources. The organization works towards building a worldwide network of educators, water resource professionals, NGOs, water scientists, and other experts to advocate for the role of water education in solving complex water issues.

They partnered with KITABOO to create an app - WETconnect to distribute their water education content to learners all over the world. Their mission is to create and distribute action-oriented education for everyone to understand and value water, ensuring a sustainable future.

KITABOO is a digital publishing platform that helps publishers to create, publish and distribute digital content securely across multiple operating systems and devices. The platform allows Project WET to deliver interactive learning content using real-world, relevant, and hands-on lessons, and create an interdisciplinary learning environment for students.

“Project WET wanted to leverage innovation and technology to provide digital wheels to the mission of creating a sustainable future. KITABOO has really allowed us to connect with our users digitally. Its intuitive and user-friendly interface works wonders for our young readers and the interactive elements have helped us bring our stories to life. We have been able to securely deliver content to our users across the globe.”, says John Etgen, CEO, Project WET.

The KITABOO-powered application enables Project WET to distribute training resources to educators at all levels, on diverse water topics so that they can provide the learners with objective, experiential, science-based water education. The app also has interactive features that enables students to watch videos, play games, compare notes and more, bringing water education to life.

“Project WET has been educating the world about using water in an environmentally  sustainable and economically beneficial way for more than 30 years. We are glad to be able to offer an intuitive and interactive platform to help them distribute their educational resources. KITABOO, with its easy-to-use interface and multiple interactive features, is the perfect app for educators and students to access digital learning resources in the classroom as well as in informal learning environments.”, says Srikanth Subramanian, President, HurixDigital.

KITABOO is used by over 15 million students from over 30 countries to access digital content in more than 25 languages.


KITABOO is a cloud-based digital publishing platform that helps create, publish and distribute DRM protected content. It enables publishers to create and enrich the content with interactive elements, add multimedia elements to increase engagement and track the analytics on the content performance. The platform enables delivery of mobile-ready responsive content on all major operating devices. KITABOO has processed and converted more than 10 million pages for top publishers across the world.

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