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Project Center Topic in Social Media Analytics for Maintaining Financial Stability

Press Release: September 27, 2020

Nagercoil, TN, Sep 27, 2020 -- Risk and uncertainty are disliked but inevitable. The nature of these has changed and new sources of risk have risen. To mitigate risk and maintain financial stability, the firms need to adapt.

The World Wide Web and, within it, social media have had tremendous growth and wide coverage lately, making them determining forces in any economic activity. This has led to generation of large amount of data on myriad concerns. Recent developments in computing technology has thrown open the possibility of mining useful information from the enormous and dynamic data.

The chapter outlines is based on engineering project center in Nagercoil with the growth of social media and social media analytics and its financial implications to businesses, consumers, and governments. It details how risk management and social media, two domains earlier considered more diverged than chalk and cheese are now inextricably linked and explains using various cases how social media analytics is used to manage risk and uncertainty. The authors also look at the emerging challenges with these developments.

Credit risk arises when an entity fails to fulfill its commitments towards its counter parties. Liquidity risk arises when an investment cannot be traded instantaneously to counter or minimize a loss. Operational risk arises when loss is a product of operational failures, which can be external or internal in nature that can include technical failures, frauds because of failed internal processes, and other such events. With the digital socialism in trend, it is imperative to understand these risks in the context of social media.

Thus, IEEE project expert there is a need for firms to adapt to maintain financial stability and counter those risks. The present chapter studies how such adaption is worked upon by firms in the present period and how they would for the changing times ahead. The rest of the chapter is organized as follows. The next section looks at the rise of social media, making it an obligatory part of business, and its implications for business.

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