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Professional Trader Ltd of Richmond announce the release fully automated emini daytrading

Press Release: April 01, 2016

Professional Trader Ltd of Richmond, London are pleased to announce the release of a brand new fully automated emini daytrading system the Pro-trader RLP1 system.

Since 2008 this has produced a staggering $113,000 in profits trading just a single emini Russell 2000 contact. Using the aggressive position sizing techniques taught on the Pro-trader.co.uk training courses this figure would now be approaching $648,000.

Pro-trader.co.uk are one of the few companies in the world now that still sell professional grade open code fully automated emini trading systems to the public.

They offer over a dozen different algorithmic systems covering both forex and futures markets trading from 1 minute price bars up to daily price bars.

Many of the systems are simplified versions of automated trading systems originally produced for hedge fund clients.

Approximately 10 years ago they moved into training forex and futures traders using a unique blend of personalised private tuition methods combined with the supply of evidence based plug and play automated trading systems.

Latest results for the trading systems included with the automated training course can be viewed at


All protrader.co.uk training courses include at least 8 hours of cpd (continuing professional development training) for the Chartered Institute for securities and investment CPD programme.

The 1-2-1 training approach has worked well for both the company and students and has been particularly successful in training traders to consistently take money from the forex markets and emini contracts including the emini S&P and emini Gold.

The unique feature of algorithmic trading systems is that because they comprise of just simple mathematical formulas they can be proven to have worked over years of historical data.

These types of systems are also known as evidence based trading systems because their historical performance can be proven by simply applying the mathematical rules to the data.


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