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Product Sampling Agency Launch Website Redesign to the Market

Press Release: March 12, 2020

One of London’s leading product sampling agencies, LIVE Agency, have launched a redesign of their website with a creative, minimalist look that matches the style of the brand. Fitting seamlessly into the brand’s 2020 strategy, the site aims to increase LIVE’s market voice and show the world why they are the experts in what they do.

Experiential and sampling campaigns are becoming an ever-more important part of brands’ marketing strategy – with consumers concentrating more on experiences than products. Therefore, it’s important for brand managers to identify and utilise the power of sampling agencies, increasing the reach of their brand and getting their services in the hands of the people that really want it.

LIVE has been providing support to marketers for over 10 years, producing creative, strategic campaigns for a variety of world-recognised companies across a range of sectors.

With more business being generated online, the website redesign puts LIVE’s service offering front and centre – highlighting their previous activations and providing an insight into what they bring to brands. A new addition to the site is the agency showreel, which demonstrates to current and potential customers what they can expect when working with a product sampling agency.

The site maintains a minimalist, familiar aesthetic which complements the brand’s identity and allows visitors to quickly find what they’re looking for – including sampling case studies, blogs, and independent research pieces.

Furthermore, the redesign also offers a login service for all promotional staff that LIVE employs, allowing them to access the employee portal with ease.

Regarding the redesign of the site, Leyton Ede, Managing Director at LIVE Agency commented:

‘After 10 years’ of helping brands develop and execute their marketing strategies, we’ve got pretty used to understanding what works and what doesn’t – and what our audience wants to see.’ 

‘This redesign represents our commitment to innovation and modernisation, with the added benefit of helping brands to find, understand, and engage us online.’

The site redesign will help users interact with the agency online, strengthening LIVE’s brand and growth potential throughout the new year.

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