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Problems that Make Data Security Vulnerable on Your Smartphone

Press Release: August 26, 2015

When it comes to the issue of data security, almost all the portable computing devices are on the target. The lack of security measures motivates hackers and other criminals to attack mobile devices for the purpose of information theft. The number of malware applications that spread the virus and infect your devices are increasing by leaps and bounds. There are a number of problems with mobile computing devices, especially, smartphones. Smartphones contribute the lion's share in data breach all around the globe and if people recognize these issues, they can get over the data security problem. Here are some of these problems.
In most of the cases, mobile devices do not have any sort of password protection. Mobile computing devices such as smartphone usually lack identity authentication via password or by some other means. All Android smartphones have three kinds of user credential that you can use as your passcode. You can either use a complex password, a unique PIN or a mind boggling pattern to strengthen your privacy. Locking your device is the first and foremost step towards data security. But, people seem to be too lazy to set up a passcode for their device, they consider it a waste of time and hectic to enter a passcode again and again. This ignorant behavior steers them towards data breach and other similar problems.
Another reason why smartphone users face this huge problem is due their love of using free WiFi connections. User crave to find and use free and unsecured hotspot connections that they can use to socialize or perform other activities as well. The shocking and sad reality is that a number of smartphone users do have some knowledge about data breach and how damaging it can be, but, still, they tend to use those open connections to perform financial transactions, access official email and other accounts and many such activities. Users need to understand the problem and look for their way out.
Moreover, keeping applications unlocked on your smartphone also causes trouble. Applications on your Android phone contains your personal and confidential information, whether they are social apps, fun apps, electronic banking apps or others. If someone gets his or her hands on your phone, he or she will be able to access all your personal details in those applications. The leaked information can be devastating for you. Consequently, you must a reliable Apps Lock that can lock all your apps with different techniques, so that anyone trying snooping cannot get successful.
People stick to one operating system, they get comfortable using one, so they do not update it. As the new updates of operating systems come up with some bug fixes, older issues are solved in the new released versions. If people will get reluctant of updating their smartphone to the new version, they will keep using the same operating system with the same loopholes and lackings. As a result, updating your OS is absolutely necessary. Otherwise, hackers will love your idea of using the same OS and they will enjoy attacking you.
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