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Printed Hen and Stag T-Shirts Perfect for your Party

Press Release: March 25, 2010

Established in 1991, Xamax is a leading work-wear and casual wear specialist based in Wakefield, West Yorkshire. They supply screen-printed and embroidered clothing across the country, to both the private and public sectors. A major selling point is their individualisation of casual wear items of clothing, so they can promote a company by stitching its logo onto products or stamp T-shirts with suitable images or slogans to create a sense of group identity, be it a Hen Party, Stag Night or corporate event.

In fact, Xamax is the perfect place to come if youre planning a Stag Night or Hen Party, because of the fantastic selection of T-shirts to choose from. So what have T-shirts to do with such occasions you might ask? Its becoming increasingly popular with organizers to get everyone to dress in the same top, with some suitable message to promote the party. It creates a great sense of belonging and common purpose, probably appealing to a primitive herd mentality.

But hey, dont sneer at the herd mentality! Tapping in to elemental drives through the use of imaginative slogans or just the adoption of simple colour-coded patterns is popular in all walks of life, from football terraces to boardrooms, and is a natural human characteristic. Whether youre promoting team-bonding for heightened efficiency or wanting to add that extra dimension to a fun night out, it makes sense to foster a sense of belonging. Lots of the people invited to Stag Parties and Hen Nights may not know each other, but by wearing the same personalized T-shirts theyll get an instant sense of ice-breaking acceptance, which is why its all the rage now.

The skys the limit when it comes to choosing a design. It could be anything from witty slogans to tasks you need to do, or you could +just have the names of the happy couple spelt out for the entire world to see. Just follow the simple steps on the website, the first being to choose your garment. You get free embroidery if you order 24, and free printing with 30. Check that youre happy with the sizes and colours, go to checkout and confirm your email address, then pay for the order through a secure payment system. The order will be out within 10 working days, and theres a helpline for any problems, though thats highly unlikely.

Have a great night!

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