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Price Gauging Sanitizer Gets E-Commerce Store Shutdown

Press Release: April 08, 2020

It was an online blood bath for the organic skincare company Z Skin Cosmetics, after a post about the brands hand sanitizer caused outrage among users, leading to the e-commerce store to get shut down. In wake of the current health crisis, things like medical masks, disinfectants and hand sanitizers are scarce. A post by Z Skin Cosmetics regarding their hand sanitizer was not received well by users on social media last week. The e-commerce store was shut down and banned by Facebook after users flagged and reported it as “price gauging”. The 30-year-old behind the brand, Ryan Zamo, told us, “All we did was post a picture of our Hand Sanitizer saying we’re donating bottles to local hospitals in need and linked it back to our site.” But as the old saying goes, no good deed goes unpunished, “It caused an avalanche of angry comments from people. Suddenly, we were being accused of price gauging and told we’re taking advantage of people because we sell our hand sanitizer for $9.99" added Zamo. The barrage of backlash didn’t stop on Facebook and Instagram though, the comments spilled out onto other social media platforms, comments even started appearing on old news articles and blog reviews about the brand. “I understand that it may be a high price for a product from a large corporations like Purell, but we are a small organic skincare business and unfortunately we don’t have the means to get our prices that low”, the 30-year-old added. It was officially made illegal to ‘price gauge’ during the current pandemic, which means raising a products price over 10%, Zamo said, “We actually lowered the price of our hand sanitizer by 50% two weeks ago. The average item on our site has always been $18, so it seems a bit backwards to suggest that the product being price gauged is $9.99. I started this company to help others and that’s why I was so disappointed by the reaction I was getting.” Just before the store got banned, some customers did begin to stand up for the skincare brand, one user posted, “How can it be price gauging if they’ve kept it the same price for weeks? They’re a small business and you should support them right now anyway. And I promise its worth every penny!”.  Zamo hoped that deleting the post combined with the company’s stellar reputation would help get Facebook to change their minds, but as of now, they are still banned.  For more information: https://zskincosmetics.com/collections/complete-systems/products/simply-sanitizer-6-oz

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