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Prestons leading cosmetic dentist for teeth whitening, porcelain veneers and that happy smile

Press Release: March 03, 2010

They are a simple, cost-effective measure and are offered in Preston by Life Transformational Dentist, Dr. Nadim Majid.

Instead of having to live with teeth that may be discoloured, chipped or confidence-knocking in some way, you can opt for porcelain veneers to make your teeth look their best. They can show off impressive white appearances that are smooth and resolute, while allowing for your smile to look its best. This is especially helpful for people who struggle with a lack of self-confidence due to being unhappy over their teeth.

As a dentist who has been working for nearly a decade with various people in the Preston area, Dr. Majid understands that any dental work can be met with trepidation and as a result, the Preston dentist is presenting a special offer for customers in Lancashire with a FREE consultation for absolutely anyone to see what can be done with their teeth in the stunning, hi-tech Lifestyle Dental on the outskirts of Preston city centre.

There are no obligations whatsoever with this consultation; simply book your free consultation and then proceed whichever way you prefer.

Appointments are flexible with early or late weekday slots, or even Saturday, and if the process has to be done a second time there will be no additional charges incurred.

Dr. Majid also offers an online guide that can be downloaded for free on his website at preston.freeveneersguide.com. This book, Seven Big Dirty Lies About Veneers for Women, offers information on all sorts of theories and myths. It debunks common rumours that women have with regards to veneers and shows just how these can be some of the most useful dental materials for a happy smile.

These cosmetic dentistry services work solely to help you achieve the smile you were born to have.

About Dr. Majid

Dr. Nadim Majid is a Preston dentist who works with a variety of cosmetic dentistry practices. Nadim offers free consultations to people in the area with regards to processes that involve teeth whitening and orthodontic practices - including Invisalign, Inman aligners and veneers. Nadim is a certified dentist with the BDA and has been practicing dentistry since 2001.

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