Home Pressure Relief for Patients with Mobility Concerns

Pressure Relief for Patients with Mobility Concerns

Press Release: January 12, 2010

It can be almost impossible to find comfort when sitting in the same position for hours on end during the day or at night whilst sleeping. But there are pressure relief solutions that can provide welcome support. Wheelchair and scooter users will be interested in the Harley 2-way support cushion that offers sculptured support to the whole seating area.

Sero pressure relief cushions are also innovative products. Built with integral pockets allowing air to circulate, the cushions are enhanced with high profile foam, working to eliminate numbness and potential sores developing on pressure points.

At Collins Care, we also consider those who suffer injuries and accidents in the home. The Harley knee support is a god-send for patients recovering from a hip injury, taking the pressure away from the lower back and hips, allowing the spine to assume its natural S shape in bed at night time.

Customers that are fortunate enough to travel and enjoy an active lifestyle can also benefit from a host of our pressure relief products. The inflatable Neck-Eze pillow is an incredibly handy item for use en-route via car, train and aeroplane when passengers are sat down for long periods. The Neck pillow is a similar product but is softer and its padding offers good support for the neck.

Whilst experiencing the great outdoors it can be difficult to remain comfortable outside of your own home. The Magic sports seat is a unique concept from Putnams. The seat is self-inflating with a foam core, and is ideal for camping, boats, picnics, caravans and any other form or travel. The Magic sports seat is lightweight, waterproof and a durable option inside and outside the home.

Dont feel alone with pressure problems as Collins Care provides pressure relief solutions for patients with mobility concerns.

CollinsCare.co.uk are online mobility specialists based in Norwich. We stock hundreds of mobility products and mobility aids to help make life easier whether you have restricted movement, are disabled or elderly. Many of our mobility products help with everyday chores and include cooking, dressing and bathing mobility aids.

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