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Press Release – Interview with 2-time Emmy-award-winning Motion Picture Sound Editor, Harrison Meyle

Press Release: July 02, 2020

Sommer Consulting, a qualitative primary research firm of Language Specialists, Decision Strategy Experts, and Insight Analysts, today announces its interview on the intersection of storytelling and market research with Frozen II Dialogue Supervisor, Harrison Meyle.

“Regardless of the form a story has – whether it’s a full-length feature film, a novella, a podcast, or even an advertisement or patient education pamphlet – good storytelling is universal,” said Meyle, a two-time Emmy-Award-Winning sound editor and Dialogue Supervisor.

Research lends credence to his position. Studies have shown that the brain is hardwired to respond to patterns and assign meaning to information. What’s more, research conducted by prominent neuroeconomist Paul Zak tells us that oxycontin synthesis (a neurochemical essential in people’s motivation to cooperate with others) is a consistent byproduct of exposure to character-driven stories.

“Telling a good story requires a deep and nuanced understanding of human emotions and unconscious motivational patterns,” said Bill Stone, Sommer Consulting’s Director of Content Strategy. “If you get it right, you move an audience. That’s something that filmmaking and market research have in common – at their core they are both about connecting with audiences and moving them in some way.”

“The most effective marketing campaigns are often the ones that organically flow into a narrative,” said Juliette Faughnan, President of Sommer Consulting. “The greatest insights from market research frequently go beyond likes and dislikes—they reveal the story behind the stats.”

Sommer Consulting’s interview with Harrison Meyle can be accessed by visiting Sommer Says (https://sommerconsulting.com/say-what/), Sommer Consulting’s online collection of articles on business, branding, clear communication, and the market research insights that drive them all.


 About Sommer Consulting

Sommer Consulting (Linguis-Techs, Inc. dba Sommer Consulting) is a custom primary qualitative research firm. More than 40 years ago Sommer Consulting’s Chairman, Dr. Joseph Yeager, set out to do what the giants of psychology and linguistics had failed to accomplish — uncover, decipher, and map the hidden grammar of decision-making. As a senior executive performance coach and behavioral scientist, he learned that no matter the choice being made, certain elements are inherent in all decisions.

When we speak, we don’t consciously build sentences. Our selection of vocabulary, choice between tenses, etc. happens automatically without any conscious awareness. This is why monitoring personal decision making has traditionally been so challenging. Language, however, is rule-based, and rules permit prediction. Accordingly, strong methodology gives us visibility into the automatic process.

Dr. Yeager’s revolutionary questioning model became the cornerstone of Sommer Consulting’s offerings. In the 40 years since, his model has served as the foundation for countless pivotal studies in diverse industries including aeroscience, biotech, educational testing, finance, healthcare, luxury goods, and pharmaceuticals.


About Harrison Meyle

Harrison Meyle is a two-time Emmy Award-winning Motion Picture Sound Editor. He started working for Warner Bros in 2013, paving his career as a feature film Dialogue/ADR supervisor and Re-Recording Mixer. Harrison has worked for many award-winning filmmakers including Clint Eastwood, Ron Howard, Kevin Costner, and Todd Phillips. His career garnered a 2017 Emmy win for Outstanding Sound for The Beatles Eight Days A Week: The Touring Years, and a 2019 Emmy win for Outstanding Sound for Barry (Season 2) Episode 5: “Ronny/Lily.” In 2019, he also won a Motion Picture Sound Editors (MPSE) Golden Reel for Outstanding Sound for Barry (Season 2) Episode 5: “Ronny/Lily.” Harrison recently worked as the Dialogue Supervisor on Frozen II, which has the distinction of being the highest grossing animated film of all time.


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