Home Press release for the new Full Length GAMSAT Sample Paper now available on all the Prepgenie websites (GAMSAT)

Press release for the new Full Length GAMSAT Sample Paper now available on all the Prepgenie websites (GAMSAT)

Press Release: February 17, 2010

February 16, 2010. The countdown for GAMSAT 2010 has begun. GAMSAT Australia is to be held on 20th March, barely a month away and it is time for GAMSAT aspirants to rev up their preparation. Cool as a cucumber or a bundle of nerves, what every GAMSAT aspirant needs is practise. Prepgenie, the e-learning resource provider for GAMSAT has just released a brand new free Full Length GAMSAT Sample Paper on all their GAMSAT sites: www.prepgenie.com, www.prepgenie.com.au/gamsat, www.prepgenie.co.nz/gamsat, www.prepgenie.co.uk/gamsat.

With over 185 GAMSAT style questions, three complete sections, free answer key and detailed explanations, the Prepgenie GAMSAT full length test paper is a one of a kind GAMSAT sample, not available anywhere else on the net. The best part: it is available for FREE! It has a plethora of practice questions from all subjects that students are assessed on in the GAMSAT: Humanities, Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

Students are bound to get a fare share of GAMSAT Section I practise with an assortment of MCQs (from Humanities & Social Sciences topics) based on editorial cartoons, journal extracts, poems, novel excerpts, comments, and proverbs. Section II of the paper is based on Written Communication. Students can also get their essays evaluated for free by mailing in their essays to key@prepgenie.com. The essays are evaluated by two independent examiners who will provide their detailed comments and scores for the same. Section III questions necessitate a deep understanding of fundamental concepts and the ability to apply them in practical situations.

Shantanu Sikdar, CEO of Ensine Knowledge Systems Pvt. Ltd., the company that powers Prepgenie, asserts, Quality GAMSAT samples are hard to come by in the web world making it mandatory for students to shell out huge sums before they can even glance at them. Market trends have shown that most GAMSAT students end up with second hand ACER or other test prep material (that is frequently an outdated version) to supplement their revision. Our free full length paper plugs this need. The new sample paper comprises of questions that have been methodically researched and trial-tested upon students before being approved, to parallel GAMSAT standards.

The sample gives students a sneak peek into the complete series of Prepgenie GAMSAT Sample Test Papers available at a reasonable $140 (free shipping). So students wanting to assess their GAMSAT preparation on a grade card can download the free full length GAMSAT test paper right away by clicking http://www.prepgenie.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/10/Free_FLT1.zip

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