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Press Release: January 08, 2019

A Presentation Design Guide for 2019

Most of us have probably sat many times through poorly designed presentations that were distracting, cluttered and boring. But whether we love them or hate them, we just can’t ignore them. In reality, slide decks are imperative to our professional life and will continue to be so for the foreseeable future. But you shouldn’t despair as you don’t necessarily need to be a professional designer to make stunning presentations. Here’s a quick rundown of five simple yet highly effective design tips that would help your presentations to excel.

1.Limit use of texts

Slides are visual notecards that reinforce the key ideas of your presentation. You, as the speaker, should be delivering most of the information instead of putting them on the slides. Remember - if your audience starts reading your presentation rather than listening to you, effectiveness of messaging gets reduced automatically. So, pare down the core message coupled with keywords and try not to use complete sentences wherever possible.

2.Keep colors simple

As exceptionally bright colors can trigger eye fatigue, use them sparingly. It’s advisable to stick to simple color combinations like light text on dark background or vice versa. If you’re promoting your brand, it’s good to stick to the brand’s color guidelines.

3.Audience comes first

Regardless of the objective of your presentation, your storyline has to resonate with your audience. Think about the words, colors and images that can increase audience engagement. Find anecdotes about the things your audience cares about, whether it’s a product or a service. Weave the stories to develop an emotionally intelligent presentation.

4. Use fonts wisely

Traditionally, sans serif fonts like Verdana, Helvetica appear easier read on screens. Try to use one font throughout a presentation. If you need to use more, keep it limited to two. As fonts promote different emotional impacts, make sure the font mirrors the purpose, content, and tone of your presentation.

5. Check alignment of the objects

One of the key elements of a professional and polished presentation is properly aligned objects on the slides. Though you can manually line up the objects, it’s advisable to let PowerPoint do the trick to help things look perfect.


Use the above tips to create presentations with clean and minimal design, which are sure to offer key benefits like the information becoming easier for the audience to digest, and the end result being more professional than the jumbled information you generally see in other presentation slides.


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