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Premium Panamanian Coffee with added healthy ingredients

Press Release: May 13, 2015

STILLWATER, M.N., April 24, 2015 / PRESS RELEASE – Innovation is at the heart of all businesses today, especially for those who want carry a beat into the next generation of tech savvy users. With coffee being at the rise of innovation in some areas such as new brewing machines, methods and techniques, roasting machines, methods and techniques, cold brews, and many others, there is a first ever in the area of medicine to help doctors bring medical healthcare to the poor. Driving this innovation is a company called, Doctors’ Choice™. The company has produced a “Coffee That Loves You”, and its slogan, “Innovative coffee with heart and soul” surely implies what they are all about. Doctors’ Choice™ comes in 3 unique blends that all promote health and wellness from within. Mercy Ships hospital offers state-of-the-art facilities to offer clean water, reliable electricity and care centers. More can be found at www.doctorschoice.coffee
Consumers committed to "green" packaging will now be able to select from any of the blends in Recyclable #5 Eco Single Serve Cups that are direct trade sourced from top ranking farms that are Rainforest Alliance Certified. These are Boquete Black Gesha, Premium Paleo Blend and Fat Burning blend.
The popularity of the single serve cup is as inevitable as it is undeniable, and for many reasons. Probably the most convincing reason of all is that it gives the consumer the ability to brew their own fresh cup, on demand! According to the Seattle Times, "sales of coffee made in single-serve brewing systems, barely noticeable 5 years ago, now account for more than a quarter of every dollar Americans spend on coffee to drink at home. By 2018, market-research firm Mintel expects consumers to spend nearly as much on coffee pods as they do on bulk coffee."[1].
About Bashert Enterprises
Bashert Enterprises is based in Stillwater, MN and is a first-generation, family-owned coffee importing and roasting business in operation since 2013. As a core part of its coffee offerings, Bashert Enterprises is proud of its collaboration with prominent licensed brands such as Doctors’ Choice™. These coffee products are available both in retail outlets throughout the United States, and on-line at www.doctorschoice.coffee or call (866) 620-4490 for more information.
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[1] "Single-serve Coffee Revolution Brews Industry Change," by Ángel González, The Seattle Times, February 15 & 19th, 2014.
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