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Premiership soccer star turned down for a mortgage

Press Release: April 09, 2010

The star, who is alleged to play for one of the North West's big four Premier League clubs had set his heart on purchasing a sprawling property in Cheshire, the preferred county for top flight soccer stars, according to property and mortgage website obligo.co.uk.

Sources say that the player and his wife were turned down for the mortgage after apparently failing to meet the lenders criteria despite the player promising to make a substantial down payment and having recently signing a seven figure pay deal over 5 years.

Commenting on the speculation, obligo spokesman, Chris Gardner, said "If the details are correct this just goes to highlight once again the difficulties in obtaining a mortgage in the UK. Lenders are lending, but only to borrowers who have a very conventional profile if you are not employed in the traditional sense of the word you are going to have difficulty finding a lender and you certainly wont have access to the best deals"

Mortgage experts believe that borrowers who do not fit the conventional mould need to research the market thoroughly before applying ,or use the services of a mortgage broker or finance professional.

Gardner went on to say "In such a tricky market our advice to consumers is simple. Make sure you do your homework, obligo.co.uk is full of useful tools and information that can help consumers make informed mortgage and property choices obligo.co.uk provides everything a prospective borrower might need including some excellent mortgage calculators, free on-line property valuations, access to credit reports, and real mortgage experts."

Consumers can obtain more information about mortgages and property, including free mortgage tools, calculators, property valuations and information by going to www.obligo.co.uk

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Obligo is a new mortgage business based around a revolutionary concept that will provide consumers with tools and information about UK mortgages, whilst retaining a human aspect to case underwriting and application management.

Obligo intends to change the way UK consumers approach mortgages. Obligo is a unique collaboration of information and resources from both the UK mortgage and property markets.

Features that have recently only been available through websites and entities are collectively presented to the consumer in a simple, easy and effective manner.

Real-time house price information, automated property valuations (AVM), consumer guides, market analysis and expert market commentary is available together with industry leading mortgage calculators and application tracking systems.

Obligo Ltd is a privately held company with a highly experienced and proven management team with proven track records in start-up acquisitions and sales in the mortgage and other sectors.

The founders have set a course in the changing world of financial services to deliver transparency and efficiency to the UK mortgage market .
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