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Press Release: March 05, 2010

PR Fire is The Best Method to Promote Your Company and The Products & Services Offered

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How to use PR Fire and Press Release Strategies to Reach Hot Buyers?

When it comes to writing press releases you must research your market and you do need to write for buyers if you want to create sales for your business. I have heard mixed reviews if your press release can create sales for your business. I even spoke with few PR service company professionals because for me it has a great tool to reach media and target audience that was researching my online business.

Well, be honest it depends. Strategies for writing press releases depend on what you want to achieve with it. For some people it is a tool to announce event to media but for online business owners, press releases can be a very unique marketing strategy and when it is done properly it can be very effective. It is all about knowing your target market-your buyers! You need real buyers and not curious folks. You want to find buyers who are ready to get the wallet out and buy what you have to offer.

Here are tips how to write press release for your buyers.

Do not wait to make a special announcement!

Many business owners from what I have seen online, wait for that big event in their company or their career and they think they have nothing worthy to share with the world. Honestly they are wrong! When I started in my first online business I had prospects calling me and funny part that press release even had some syntax and grammar errors. (I give an excuse for not being a native speaker)
You can write about many things and target your market that is looking for your offer. No, it is not cheesy. They really do!

You can write press releases about awards, company local, regional events, products announcements, benefits of the products that created particular results, personal achievements & much more. I recommend at least two press releases a month to be consistent in your presence.

Make it a news story

It must be written as if you are telling news to your friends or colleagues who are looking for a particular product, item or even service. Write in their language what they want to hear and you are going to be a happy camper.
Of course make it professional but easy to comprehend. Speak their language!

Add your press release to your blog

You can post it as article post and add link to category Recent Press Releases. Then submit to PR distribution companies and your potential customers can find you. I did not know that before and when I started doing that recently I noticed better results in my marketing methods. Google News for example has geographical distribution and if you want to target local market, press releases are excellent way. Create one Press release for your blog, one for paid services, then submit same press release to free services once it gets indexed by Google. Make sure use different headline and reword your press release so it does not become duplicate.


Make sure you include links in your press release post. One must be right in the beginning or at the end of Press Release. It can be a link to a landing page or a blog so you do not lose your hot buyers. The second link is in the bio section or company profile. Make sure it also contains keyword you want to target.

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