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Pothole Car Insurance Claims Rise a Staggering 600% According to the AA

Press Release: March 09, 2010

The unpredictable arctic weather that has hit Britains shores over the last few months has contributed greatly to the increase in potholes on major and minor routes. Meanwhile with finances as they are, local councils are struggling to raise the funds to carry out the necessary repair works.

AA car insurance claims are the main source of the statistical analysis, which presents the sharp increase in pay-outs from insurers and unnecessary claims from drivers.

Simon Douglas, director of AA Insurance, said: "Nationally, the damage to cars caused by potholes in February alone cost insurers around £2.85m* the equivalent of about 1,900 claims.

"But that's just the tip of the iceberg, because it takes serious damage to make it worth insurance claim. Garages and tyre centres are dealing with countless thousands of punctured tyres, damaged tracking or broken springs which don't justify making a claim.

"While some councils are keeping on top of the epidemic, following one of the most severe winters in living memory, others are struggling to meet the cost of the seemingly unending workload."

The escalating winter damage to the UK roads has put extreme strain on repair agencies. Trade body, the Asphalt Industry Alliance predicts that it will now take up to 15 years to return all roads to good working order at a cost of £10 billion a figure that will make the nations purse strings weep.

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