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Post-release of World Art Fest - "Russian Seasons" in London

Press Release: October 07, 2019

Opening of "Russian Seasons" in London as part of the World Art Fest
October 4-6, 2019
Imitate Modern Gallery, Zima Restaurant

4th October, 2019 an art-event called “Russian Seasons” was opened in London as a part of international contemporary art fair “World Art Fest”. The exhibition of contemporary Russian art was be hosted at Imitate Modern city gallery and featured unique works of talented artists, including Julia Vergazova, Evgeny Granilshchikov, Elena Niconole, Ivan Plusch, Irina Drozd, Ekaterina Starodubtseva, Oxana Lychagina and others from Russia, as well as John Paul Fauves, Sara Pope, Tyler Shields and Rod Edwards. As a part of the parallel program, “Zima” restaurant hosted an art-dinner for collectors and presented "Poster for the Russian fairy tale" project, unique collection of decorative handmade plates and series of graphics by Oxana Lychagina. The exposition was also supplemented by the best works of London Street Photography Festival 2019. «Russian Seasons» were held in London from October 4th to 6th.

It is hard to overestimate the importance of dialogue in the language of art between Moscow and London as one of the world's largest cultural capitals. The concept of Russian seasons, which were traditionally held by the Russian impresario Sergey Diaghilev in the early 20th century, made a great contribution to the establishment of cultural ties between Russia and Great Britain. Bringing «Russian Seasons» to London as a part of the World Art Fest, the creators sought to give impetus to the restoration of the once popular tradition of demonstrating iconic representatives of Russian art as well as to establish cultural bridges between the art communities of Moscow and London.

"We are truly glad that «Russian Seasons» were visited by both guests from London and many Russians who came to London this weekend to visit the international exhibition Frieze Art Week. There were also representatives of the Press Office of the Embassy of the Russian Federation in the UK. I believe that our strength lies in world unity through art, so we thank the British public for the warm welcome and hope that World Art Fest will continue fulfilling its international mission which brings together the cultural codes of different countries around the world." - Alexandra Shatokhina, Director of the World Art Fest.

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