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Post-Pandemic Skill Development - The 360° Approach

Press Release: February 04, 2021

Certainly, the Covid-19 pandemic has left its mark on the world; it has shaped the masses personally and professionally. Some organizations have chosen to shut their operations due to lack of resources and decreasing consumer demands. Some organizations failed to adapt according to the demand of this atrocious event due to demotivated employees. Approximately 88% of employers assigned work remotely during the pandemic. The organizations that opted for work-from-home or remote operations made sure to invest in virtual employee training and team-building exercises. 

According to Glint’s employee surveys, 75% of millennial employees showed an interest in mental health assistance from their work in July 2020. Corporations that have mentally and professionally assisted their workers adequately have seen substantial growth in productivity and employee engagement.

As per the ‘Think With Google’ report, search results for the phrase “Team Building” has increased by 9% during the pandemic. This entire experience has led the organization to the phase of a total transformation. The organizations are investing in employee skill-building, training and reskilling. The Covid-19 has given time to employees to brush-up their skills while working remotely.

Many companies have expressed interest in increasing remote work-force. A recent survey by Upwork states that by 2028, 73% of all departments will have remote workers. With increased remote work-force the virtual skill development, up-skilling & reskilling will be on the rise. 

Therefore Indian Speakers and Coach Forum have started an initiative for the employee skill development through virtual webinar series named “The Corp-Lead Conclave 2021 (CLC)”. It includes a broad range of speakers with distinct industry backgrounds and diverse skill sets. CLC offers first webinar free of cost with an e-certificate, learning assessment session at the end and an on-demand webinar with umpteen topic options to select from.


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