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Popularity of Retail Trading Booms as The Duomo Initiative Hits 150,000 Subscribers on YouTube

Press Release: May 11, 2021

Retail trading has continued its surge in popularity online as The Duomo Initiative YouTube channel cruises past the 150,000 subscriber milestone, cementing its place as one of the top online destinations for retail traders learning their craft.

For over five years, The Duomo Initiative has provided educational content for traders on its mission to help redefine what it means to be a retail trader. They have gone against the grain in the online trading industry and have chosen to focus on teaching traders a professional approach that embraces the scientific method to ensure everything being learned is logical and effective. This has been the foundation of their continued popularity that has led to them achieving the 150,000 subscriber landmark.

“During the pandemic the popularity in retail trading has been soaring as people have gained more of an interest in what happens with their money. Hitting this major milestone puts The Duomo Initiative at the forefront of this and we’re very proud to be part of this new financial movement,” said Natasha, Marketing Manager at The Duomo Initiative.

The company is supporting this movement with a range of new innovations to support retail traders. 

Nicholas Puri, Managing Director at The Duomo Initiative, added: “It used to be that retail traders were not really on the radars of established institutions. However, as retail volumes in the market have risen, they can no longer be ignored. Companies that work with retail traders rather than against them have a huge opportunity in a growing sector.”

The Duomo Initiative is working on a new platform that will allow traders to close the ‘access gap’ between retail and institutional traders. This includes their access to expertise, information and technology. They will be launching the new platform in Q4 this year and more details about the initiative will follow soon.
To learn more about The Duomo Initiative, click here https://www.duomoinitiative.com/ 
About The Duomo Initiative

The Duomo Initiative is an online trading education platform offering courses on all aspects of trading and understanding the financial markets.

Members of The Duomo Initiative are provided with everything a trader needs to succeed from the grassroots up to an elite level of performance. This includes the technical aspects of the skill, psychological elements and all the supporting functions.

Their platform includes access to an array of courses and membership to a thriving community of retail traders who are succeeding on their own with private capital. The company and community’s principles mean all aspects of their trading are held to the highest standards of the scientific method; being backed by studies, research and extensive testing. This means their members succeed with an approach that is both logical and effective.

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