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Popular URL shortening web site now responsible for making the Internet 5,000,000 characters shorter

Press Release: March 01, 2010

Popular URL shortening web site now responsible for making the Internet 5,000,000 characters shorter

MANCHESTER, ENGLAND, 26 FEBRUARY 2010 - Popular URL shortening web site http://Fwd4.Me has today become responsible for making the Internet 5,000,000 characters shorter.

A URL, or Uniform Resource Locator, is an address that shows where a particular page can be found on the Internet. Web page addresses have been getting considerably longer for quite some time now and users can often run in to trouble when trying to email a long URL to a friend as when it arrives at the recipients end it will often be broken into segments by the email program and will no longer work. A URL shortener takes a very long web site address and turns it into a shorter, more manageable URL.

Launching in May 2009, it has taken just ten months to go from making the Internet zero characters shorter to a staggering five million characters shorter.

Rich Kavanagh, Development Director, said, "It's a fantastic landmark figure. When we first started out back in May, we always had a counter on the front page of our site and it's been great watching it grow so rapidly. We've got lots of new developments in the pipeline (such as QR Codes and a more advanced API) and we are currently speaking to a lot of people like TweetMeMe about integrating our services into theirs to make all our product offerings even more useful."

The magical link that tipped http://Fwd4.Me over the 5,000,000 mark was http://fwd4.me/HIx

Starting life as a 254-character long URL of 'http://sfx5.exlibrisgroup.com/cmich?genre=article&sid=ProQ:&atitle=Workplace%20Violence%2D%2DWhat%20Can%20Employers%20Do%20to%20Prevent%20It%3F&title=Employment%20Relations%20Today&issn=07457790&date=2007-10-01&volume=34&issue=3&spage=91&au=Lynn%20Lieber', they shortened it to http://fwd4.me/ HIx - a mere 18 characters short, saving some 236 characters.

Most of the short URLs created on http://Fwd4.Me are used on the popular micro-blogging service, Twitter. A simple search for 'fwd4.me' on Twitter reveals quite literally thousands of their short URLs in action.

Scott Stevens, Design Director, said, "I think it's great making the internet five million characters shorter, especially when such large organisations around the world have contributed to this, we have the likes of GoDaddy, HP, Hull City Council and Rockman Music Productions all using our services and helping us make the world a shorter place."

http://Fwd4.Me includes some rather unique features too, such as the ability to create custom or personal short URLs with meaningful names, along with the ability to password protect short URLs. Also, for those concerned that a short URL might contain spam or point to a malicious destination, http://Fwd4.Me off a full 'Preview' of each short URL which not only shows the destination URL but also includes a screen shot of the web site in question. http://Fwd4.Me also offer a free Application Programming Interface (API) to allow other web sites and application developers to include URL shortening features in their own projects. Free statistics are also available for each short URL created which will inform you of useful information regarding how many clicks your short URL has had and when it was last clicked.

During their climb to become the UK's number one URL shortener, there were some highlights along the way which included recently launching the UK's first URL UNshortener - http://UNFwd4.Me - perfectly timed in the wake of recent 'Phishing' attacks on Twitter user accounts.

The unshortener comes with a unique twist too, you can enter any existing short URL and not only will it show you the long URL behind it, thus preventing the effects of spam and malicious content, but it also goes one step further and if possible will also make your existing short URL even shorter still.

http://Fwd4.Me have also published behind the scenes details of how their URL Shortener works at http://Fwd4.Me/HowItWorks

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About http://Fwd4.Me
http://Fwd4.Me is a URL shortening service, created by Rich Kavanagh and Scott Stevens and launched on 1st May 2009. Within six weeks of launch http://Fwd4.Me were responsible for making the Internet 10,000 characters shorter. By September 2009 they became responsible for making the Internet 100,000 characters shorter and responsible for making the Internet 1,000,000 characters shorter in November 2009. In January 2010 both Rich Kavanagh and Scott Stevens were interviewed for a news article by Lancashire Publications - http://www.wigantoday.net/wigannews/Dukes-of-URL.5982179.jp
Some of the more lengthy URLs shortened by http://Fwd4.Me include ones similar to this 1,100 character long URL was shortened to just 18 characters, therefore making it 1082 characters shorter: http://fwd4.me/preview/?4qY

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