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Popular Interior design blog Homes Suite Homes provides inspiration for 2010

Press Release: January 07, 2010

With the turn of the New Year comes the chance to give your much loved humble abode a fresh new look. The year 2010 is set to see Homes Suite Homes blog continue to supply the best advice and inspiration tips and trick to its loyal audience, making their journey towards creating their perfect home more exciting and adventurous.

Due to the current economic and environmental climate restrictions, more and more homeowners will be taking on the task of simple home projects to save money and improve their current space. Equally, others are sprucing up in preparation for placing their home on the market.

Regardless of the purpose, a fresh coat of paint remains one of the most economical ways to accomplish all three. No matter what paint colour is used, homeowners continue to strive for comfortable, tranquil home environments.

The minimalist look is always a great look and it does not require a lot of effort in order to get it just right. We all like the idea of spending money on extravagant items now and again, and with the abundance of online home decor blogs there is a huge amount of style inspiration and design tips to be had. With all of these ideas at our finger tips, there are numerous ways in which we can add a touch of style to our homes with minimal effort.

Black walls for example strike many people as somewhat Gothic and dark slightly cold even, nevertheless innovative British architect Sir Edwin Lutyens was a fan of this look for 2010. He likes setting off the darkness of walls with crisp white woodwork and the occasional wild-card accent such as a selection of token sofas. You can heighten entrance hall ways and living rooms with semi-gloss black walls, a chalk-white vaulted ceiling, doors, and baseboards.

Colour is definitely still an option, but keep it to a few token pieces For example, a deep red sofa would look great within the black and white living room setting. If you are dealing with smaller spaces remember that deep, dramatic colours dont always make a little room look minuscule. Actually, dark walls can either make an interior seem larger by diminishing its boundaries or give it a sense of cosiness, and if you are lucky sometimes both.

Many are unsure about how to decorate their living room, but it is easy to get ideas from magazines, websites and blogs such as Homes Suite Homes can also help you decide. Put together a scrap book, as this will help you plan your overall desired look. Being bold will be essential.

If there is a lack of creativity it is worth trying to make the biggest piece of furniture the focal point of the room and keep everything else simple. If you are looking for value for money, put good effort into comparing prices but try not to forget that quality is important too. Accessories can make a huge impact, good and bad! For a smaller room, try the minimalise approach otherwise you can end up with the cluttered look!

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