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Pokemon Heart Gold English Rom

Press Release: February 16, 2010

Pokemon has been through many phases, whether it be cards, the tv show, or the games, we all know and love Pokemon. The newest version of DS games, Pokemon Heart Gold, has recently been translated to english for fans to try out before the big release day in March.

The Pokemon Heart Gold Rom will allow all gamers to try out the game early and get a feel for it leading up to release day. The game is a remake of the original Pokemon Gold for the gameboy. New additions to the game will included the new functions that games like Pokemon Pearl are enjoying. Online trading and battling will make an appearance, making the process of collecting all the Pokemon much easier as before some Pokemon were only available on the gameboy and not the DS.

The English rom is freely down loadable at http://heartgoldenglish.blogspot.com/

Make sure to check out Pokemon Heart Gold when it releases in March!

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