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Pocketgpsworld.com Launch CamerAlert Speed Camera Warnings

Press Release: March 01, 2010

iPhone users now have access to the best speed camera location data available. CamerAlert is a self-contained Speed and Red Light Camera warning system based on the world renowned PocketGPSWorld.com Speed Camera Database. Providing both audible and visual warnings as you approach a camera, CamerAlert forewarns you of camera locations AND the speed limits in force at those locations thus serving as a useful safety aid.

Uniquely, when you are in a section of SPECs or Average Speed Cameras, CamerAlert displays your average speed to ensure you are aware of your speed between each camera in the zone. CamerAlert also utilises directional information to reduce the number of "False Alerts", you are only warned for cameras that monitor your direction of travel.

CamerAlert overlays this data on a map display which shows the location, type and distance to the camera. With full coverage of fixed (Gatso, Truvelo etc), mobile (Safety Camera partnership vans & hand-held laser), red-light, redspeed (combined red-light & speed cameras) as well as SPECS Average Speed zones.

CamerAlert is available direct from the iTunes Appstore: http://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/cameralert/id336238843?mt=8 for £0.59 and includes one free database update to ensure you get the very latest database. To continue to receive database updates you can subscribe from within the CamerAlert App or direct at http://www.pocketgpsworld.com/subscription.php .

CamerAlert users can download the latest available data over the air at any time. Grab the very latest database and ensure you are forewarned and protected before you set off on a journey.

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