Press Release: January 16, 2019

Pittsburgh, PA - January 15 - Pittsburgh plumbing solution specialists Taggart Plumbing have prided themselves on serving the local community - but late last year they went even one better for the hurricane victims in the Carolinas.

Mike Holinda and Visca Como, Taggart Plumbing's founders, were so shocked by the effects of Hurricane Florence that they quickly helped to establish a funding option on their website to help the estimated 1 million victims.

They dovetailed the fund United Way onto their website and appealed for their customers and those similarly affected by the storms to contribute towards the effort.

The United Way's fund guaranteed 100 percent of funds that "will support mid- and long-term recovery efforts in the areas affected by Florence" irrespective of state lines, religion or need level.

The hurricane caused the deaths of 37 people, thousands were evacuated from their homes, and millions lost power. Thousands of home are still without electricity and millions of farm animals drowned due to flooding of local rivers.

Taggart Plumbing's stand for the victims and the appeal to raise $7,000 in seven days quickly grew as word got out and the media caught on to the appeal on social media to help raise awareness.

While the recovery in the Carolinas continues to this day, the plumbing solution specialists remain committed to helping everyone out even down to the smallest, routine plumbing job on their doorstep.

Como commented: "When disaster strikes it's good to know that someone has your back. We were horrified at the effects of Florence and we naturally wanted to take a stand and help the victims as best we could, even from here in Pittsburgh.

"Similarly, on a more local scale we are well skilled in helping overcome the problems experienced by our customers.

"At Taggart Plumbing, our professionals are ready 24/7 to take on plumbing issues from tiny to complex, including leaking faucets and leaking pipes, to sewer and drain cleaning and water heating system replacement.

"Since plumbing problems can strike when you least expect them, our highly qualified and friendly team works all the nonstop, tackling plumbing problems of all sizes."

Taggart Plumbing’s specialists are also fully licensed and insured, and are fully trained to follow relevant plumbing codes.

So no matter how small or big your plumbing problem, Taggart Plumbing is waiting on your call. For more information contact them on (724) 862-5641 or email them at

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