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Plate Master - A Revolutionary Cherished Number Plate Search System

Press Release: January 26, 2010

Number plate dealers use typical databases to construct tables of available private plates and respective private plate "matches". This is an inefficient method as essentially, number plate search systems are inherently limited as only a finite range of names and words are stored. Consequently, a surprising range of potential matches is missed.

Plate Master has adopted a contrasting approach. Recognising the limitations and problems associated with conventional systems, professional software engineers have designed a powerful and novel solution that is far superior.

There is little restriction on the user search criteria - the system will attempt to match any search criteria to personalised plates very quickly. There is a range of "matching categories" that are processed. For example, a name with one or two initials, words, etc. In addition, a feature exists that automatically considers variations in names or words, including nicknames, to help identify a match without the user having to search again.

In summary, although not a database, this new system emulates a super fast full capacity database - it considers anything, quickly. Generally, only the availability of number plates limits search results. Plate Master identifies many "hidden diamonds" - great personalised plate matches that would be of value to many individuals.

Why not try yourself? Visit http://www.platemaster.com. Simply enter the search criteria on the website and almost instantly a list of private plate matches appear. Any plate can immediately be viewed as it would appear on a car. Once a personalised number has been chosen, Plate Master will handle all the paperwork.

TIP: Entering a full name significantly increases the chances of good matches.

For more information please visit Platemaster.com, or call 01908 640483.

Platemaster.com is a revolutionary UK registration number plate search engine, specialising in uncovering personalised number plates that match people's names or words in different ways.

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