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Plan your perfect holiday carrying your projector to the place you love

Press Release: April 24, 2017

A boring T.V cannot give you the same experience as that of a large screen as a “Projector”. Now a days modern homes calls for either a backyard patio, deck or pool area being as elaborate as any inside space, sometimes incorporating a full kitchen, extensive seating and dining areas, and, of course, electronic entertainment. A study of American Home Furnishings Alliance in 2016 says that more than 70 percent of U.S. households have outdoor living spaces and about 71 percent of those consumers are on the verge of improvising the space. Yes indeed for wonderful movie-watching experiences a home theatre would suffice, but that would turn out to be a constraint when you think of calling a huge bunch of your buddies. Having large one inside house to hold huge capacity can work, but a backyard outdoor home theater is altogather a different story. Projector is the critical for both a home theatre and a backyard movie theatre, and a portable one which would put out a ton of light would be apt. There would be disturbing light from around when you sit for an outdoor movie at night which is usually unmanageable like nearby streetlamp or the light shining from a neighbour’s back porch is something one would be hesitant to control because most people use them for a safety purpose of their house. But we are here to walk you through this issue with ease by offering an extremely bright projector fighting through that extra ambient light producing an excellent movie picture.

Outdoor Theater Screen need to shine on and our products comes with such in built designs- some are designed to be portable, while others with the option of permanently installing, when your system needs to be used frequently. An outdoor theater system from Open Air Cinema comes handy when you want a quick start to your movie in almost any environment. Based on the specificity of your model, these screens can be setup in just few seconds or minutes, and post your movie experience, our systems are light enough to be carried away backed to your home safe. With detailing and bright rich colors our big, our high gain screens on a scale traditionally reserved for a movie theater is the need of the hour. Be it a camping trip or being able to enjoy your favourite films after a long day of swimming and hiking, we deal with all kinds of screens. For more details visit at http://elitescreens.com/

With highest quality materials our screen are well constructed making them lightweight and easy to use to ensure the best possible viewing experience for your movie under the stars. Comparing with the standard price of a large TV, you will be awestruck looking at our products price with its projecting capacity four times as large or could be up to some seriously massive proportion. Bringing in maximum flexibility regarding size, portability, and cinematic experience all for a price that perspectively can’t be beat, walk in to our store for screen which can give you a lifetime experience of any entertainment along with any or activity you would opt for like organizing a lesson for a bunch of toddlers or for any other corporate usage.

Wall Mount Projection Screen which are operated using a crank or spring mechanism are ideal for applications in rooms where an electrical connection is either not possible or undesirable. These are extremely suitable for applications in classrooms, training rooms, meeting rooms as well as at home with its easy install screen and flexible mounting systems. For more details viist at http://elitescreens.com/products/projection-mounts-brackets-in-ceiling-kits

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