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Pioneer BDP-LX 52 Blu ray Player reviews published by Televisions.com

Press Release: February 02, 2010

February 2, 2010 - In a review published this morning, the TV-reviews platform Televisions.com takes a critical look at the Pioneer BDP-LX 52 Blu-ray player. Using a combination of laboratory measurements and subjective assessment of picture and audio quality, the reviewers derived an overall rating of 8.8 out of 10 points for the player. Televisions.com praised the device's playback of both Blu-rays and DVDs, although it noted poor de-interlacing with DVDs that lacked a progressive flag. Other positives include the sleek but sturdy remote control and the huge range of user-adjustable settings; the reviewer gives this player the seal of approval for "adjustment junkies" and offers users some advice on how to adjust the player to give the best Blu-ray and DVD playback.

On the other hand, there are a number of criticisms: Firstly, the reviewer is appalled by the player's long disc-loading times. Although they point out that the player still loads Blu-rays faster than the high-end Denon DVD-A1 UD, which Televisions.com has also reviewed, they still find waiting up to 105 seconds extremely irritating. One reviewer said: "There's a tendency to talk about loading times only in relative terms - people might say, for example, that 17 seconds is extremely fast, when of course it's actually quite a long time to have nothing happening on the screen. But either way you look at it, this Pioneer - at 105 seconds - loads discs extremely slowly."

The review also criticises the noise from the player's cooling fan, warning users with sensitive hearing that this can easily spoil the atmosphere of quiet film scenes. Nevertheless, these criticisms are fairly minor, and detract nothing from the picture quality - the strength of which is reflected in the high Editor's rating' awarded by Televisions.com. The website's editor-in-chief, Florian Friedrich, said: "There's no question about it: Pioneer devices almost unfailingly produce top-quality pictures."

More information can be viewed at: http://www.televisions.com/players/pioneer/Pioneer-BDP-LX-52.php

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