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Pinnacle PSG and Green World Innovations ensure chemical free cleaning in 13 Yorkshire schools

Press Release: September 23, 2015

Green World Innovations, manufacturer of high performance disinfecting and sanitising ozone based products, has announce its successful partnership with Pinnacle PSG, an award-winning housing, estates and facilities management service provider, to successfully install the lotus® PRO Cleaning Solution into 13 schools across Yorkshire.
The contract has seen 13 lotus® PRO Cleaning Solution units installed in 13 primary schools. It represents a shift away from traditional chemical cleaning products that have long been used by facilities management companies towards a not only environmentally sustainable product, but one that will have long term health advantages for the children attending the schools and also the cleaning professionals who come into regular contact with cleaning solutions.
The risks for children associated with exposure to the chemicals used in cleaning products are largely ignored or unknown. A 2005 study conducted by the U.S Environmental Protection Agency found that children are 10 times more susceptible to the risks associated with many of the carcinogenic agents that are found in common chemical cleaning products. Early-life exposure to chemicals used in cleaning products also potentially leads to a multitude of complications ranging from stunted immune system development and hormonal abnormalities to more frequent cell division and unrepaired DNA damage.
These results represent a serious cause for concern for facilities managers and cleaning professionals who use chemical cleaning products in schools. The study highlights how imperative it is to explore alternative chemical free cleaning solutions in order to reduce childhood exposure to potential harmful cleaning chemicals.
Sean Hancock, Contract Manager at Pinnacle PSG, has overseen the introduction of lotus® PRO cleaning system that produces stabilised aqueous ozone into 13 schools across Yorkshire. “It is clear to see that there is evidence that exposure to chemical cleaning products is potentially unsafe for both cleaning professionals and children. By making the change to using aqueous ozone for our cleaning needs we have increased the safety for not only the children who attend these schools, but also for my staff that are using the product every day.”
The lotus® PRO Cleaning System quickly transforms water into aqueous ozone – nature’s cleaner – by simply infusing water with ozone, which the unit can efficiently stabilise for up to 24 hours. The infused water or aqueous ozone is totally chemical free and serves as a viable alternative to potentially harmful chemical cleaning products.
Capable of producing a continuous flow of approximately 14 litres of aqueous ozone per minute – using the equivalent power of just two 40 watt bulbs – the solution provides a residue-free cleaner that guarantees a longer lasting clean as well as reduced slip hazard on any surface. As well as eliminating pathogens, grime and grease, the solution uses no toxic chemicals which means there are no hazards from splashing, fumes, skin or eye irritation and is safe for sufferers of asthma. It also improves productivity as no rinsing is required as found with most chemical cleaners currently available on the market.
The lotus® PRO Cleaning System has the ability to clean at the same level of chemical cleaning products whilst representing none of the detrimental costs that come with the. Aqueous ozone is totally chemical free and is also environmentally risk free when being disposed of. Once used it safely reverts back into ordinary water and oxygen. The solution that is left can then be poured away. This represents a significant benefit for cleaning professionals when cleaning in schools. With aqueous ozone, there is no lasting harmful residue left on the ‘cleaned’ surface as well as no potential harmful chemical solutions being left in mop buckets or spray guns.
Martin Booth, Managing Director at Green World Innovations, said: “The lotus® PRO technology grants cleaning professionals a proven and powerful chemical free cleaning alternative that is perfectly suited to the cleaning needs of schools. The lotus® PRO technology that stabilises aqueous ozone eliminates the risks associated with chemical cleanings products. It not only improves the quality of work for employees but will ensure hugely decreased early-life chemical exposure for a large number of children.”

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For further press information please contact the Green World Innovation press office on 020 7240 2444 or e-mail greenworldinnovations@stormcom.co.uk

About Green World Innovations:
Green World Innovations is the exclusive partner for Tersano Inc, Canada’s leading innovator of green cleaning technology. The lotus® PRO Cleaning Solution is currently installed across a wide range of UK businesses including Price Waterhouse Coopers, The Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust, London Luton Airport, as well as Cameron House Loch Lomond and The Balmoral Edinburgh.

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