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Pietro Stoneware Specializes in Providing Outdoor Sculptures, and Large Garden Pots to Homeowners in Melbourne

Press Release: January 25, 2021

Pietro Stoneware has been providing for more than 20 years of a wide collection of indoor and outdoor decoratives. Their manufacturing facility is based in Cebu, also known as the Philippines' furniture capital. Pietro Stoneware's offer products such as sculptures, spouts, furniture, planters, urns & jars, fountains, and garden accents. They stock various garden accessories with distinct designs that enhance home aesthetics. Their products are eco-friendly and are made from 100% recyclable materials. More so, at Pietro Stoneware, they design and manufacture high-quality garden products and accessories that are characterized by functionality, durability, and sustainability.
Answering a query, Pietro Stoneware's spokesperson commented, "Pietro Stoneware is a premium manufacturer of Filament-engineered Stone GFRC. We combine unique styling with advanced technology in Glass Fiber Reinforced Cement (GFRC) to take indoor and outdoor decor to a completely new dimension. We have more than 20 years of experience as one of the finest producers of high-end garden decor based in Cebu, the Philippines' furniture capital. Our inventory comprises a wide variety of collections with over 350 designs in sculptures, urns, planters, fountains, and garden accessories".
GFRC sculpture is a tested, proven, and efficient way of adding the coveted hint of grandeur to outdoor spaces. These sculptures range from natural inspirations to magnificent designs, from mystical beings to awe-inspiring human motifs, among others. Pietro Stoneware holds an outstanding collection of classic and contemporary outdoor sculptures in different designs and colors. They ensure swift delivery irrespective of the locations of their customers. Homeowners in search of outdoor sculptures for sale can contact Pietro Stoneware for their needs.
The spokesperson further added, "At Pietro Stoneware, we give you a large range of options to select from. Among our collection are garden pots that come in different sizes and are made from Pietro's Glass Fiber Reinforced Cement (GFRC), a composite material created from fiber-reinforced Portland cement. These pots are lightweight, making them ideal for placing them in any part of the house and garden. We also offer garden pots of different finishes, which you can select a variety of shapes and sizes to choose from”.
Moreover, Pietro Stoneware's garden pots feature a stylish but simplistic design that makes them thoroughly blend into the surrounding landscape. These pots can also contain a desirable amount of compost or soil. Pietro Stoneware's team of designers, knowledgeable staff, and product developers have more than 350 designs of sculptures, garden pots, urns, among others. They offer modern garden products and accessories that improve the aesthetics of living areas, patios, and outdoor settings.
About Pietro Stoneware:
Pietro Stoneware offers garden furniture, planters, garden pots, and water features in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, and other parts of Australia. More so, Pietro Stoneware's team of designers, experienced staff, and product development specialists have more than 350 designs of their products. Hence, homeowners who would like to get large garden pots in Melbourne can reach out to Pietro Stoneware's dealer Kellock Trading and Pots R’ Us.

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