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Phosphonates Products and Applications by Aquapharm Chemicals

Press Release: October 07, 2020

Phosphonates Products and Applications by Aquapharm Chemicals

Aquapharm manufactures a wide range of organophosphonates, under the AQUACID brand. Aquacid phosphonates exhibit multifunctional properties like threshold inhibition sequestration of metal ions and de-flocculation. In conjunction with their excellent hydrolytic and thermal stability, these properties make phosphonates superior to other sequestering agents in cost-effectiveness and performance.

High stability constants of phosphonates with heavy metals, ensures improved stabilization of the active bleach and assists in the removal of stains caused by heavy metal-containing liquids like tea, coffee, red wine, etc.

The phosphonates from Aquapharm are utilized in a multitude of industries, such as in Home and Personal care, Industrial & Institutional scenarios, Industrial water treatment, Desalination plants, Oil & Gas, Pulp & Paper manufacturing, Geothermal industries, Mining and Textile industries – where water is essential in the processes. We regularly develop products which meet customer requirements and comply with the highest safety, quality & environmental standards.

Aquapharm Phosphonates product range:

Aquapharm offers a wide range of phosphonate products under the trade name AQUACID. The portfolio focuses on various chemistries, such as:

  • HEDP
  • ATMP
  • PBTC

These products are available in different grades and in various salt forms – sodium (Na+), potassium (K+), ammonium (NH4+) – with different pH or active concentration levels. AQUACID covers wide range of industrial applications such as scale inhibition/prevention, dispersion, bleach stabilization, metal chelation, cleaning agents and metal corrosion inhibition. Aquapharm also manufactures special grades of phosphonates with high purity low chloride for cosmetics and other applications.

Specialty Phosphonates

Aquapharm offers wide range of specialty phosphonates in their solid forms such as powder and granules in addition to standard liquid offerings. The phosphonate business unit manufactures various specialty products and formulations meeting properties for a number of specific industrial applications.


Phosphonates are used as specialty additives in different industrial applications such as dispersion, bleach stabilization, metal chelation, cleaning agents in homecare, and scale inhibition & metal corrosion inhibition in cooling water application.

Our phosphonates find usage in an extremely broad spectrum of technical fields. This is mainly due to their multifunctional properties:-

  • Complexing agent and threshold active substance
  • Efficient dispersant properties
  • Excellent hydrolytic and thermal stability
  • Ability to control scale formation
  • Prevention of water hardness ions & other trace metal ions

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