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Phorest Publishes an Infographic about ‘The Beauty Habits of New Yorkers’

Press Release: January 22, 2017

United Kingdom, January 20, 2017 -- The widely popular salon software provider Phorest.com has recently published an infographic regarding weird and wonderful beauty treatment habits of New York residents. This research-based infographic reveals several interesting facts about salon-goers of New Yorkers.

The highly experienced and dedicated team of Phorest beauty experts surveyed female salon-goers, aged between 24 and 54, in order to gather the valuable information regarding the New Yorkers’ salon clients’ habits and preferences. Phorest has successfully gathered comprehensive information, that is well-presented within their eye-catching, professionally designed infographic and blogpost.

“New Yorkers are arguably the pinnacle of high fashion in the US, so what could be a better place to conduct a survey regarding the beauty habits. Luckily, we were able to gather comprehensive data regarding New York Salon Habits using a database of highly engaged US-based salon clients and salon, spa and hair studio owners. Interestingly, we have found out some very intriguing facts regarding New Yorkers’ beauty habits that we have shared with you in our infographic. So, please go to our website, read the infographic and give us your valuable feedback”, stated Jennifer Quinn, Phorest spokesperson and research collaborator.

According to Phorest’s Infographic, 25% of women aged between 45-54, make up to seven salon appointments a year; Booking by phone is still the most popular method of reservation, with at least 50% using the phone to make their next appointment; 65% of the women surveyed said they enjoyed a chat with their hairdresser or beautician.

The aforementioned cohort is just a few out of several interesting facts that are mentioned in the infographic, which shows that this infographic is jam-packed with interesting facts and stats regarding the beauty habits of the New Yorkers.

The good thing is that salon owners and managers can gather valuable information from Phorest’s infographic, and improve their service quality by adding and improving features that New Yorkers prefer in a hair or beauty salon and also plan ways to increase their sales by focusing on clients that visit most frequently, and also on developing ways to encourage the prospect clients to visit the salon more.

This infographic can also help the salon owners and managers in designing better employee training and development programs - which are highly necessary.

Find the infographic at http://www.phorest.com/blog/sales-marketing/new-york-beauty-habits/

About: Phorest is an all-in software platform that helps salon owners manage their appointments, clients, stock and staff. Within a short time period, Phorest has become widely popular; and currently, it is the number 1 provider of salon software to over 3,000 salons in the UK, Ireland, and Finland and has recently launched in the US.

For more information and details, please contact http://www.phorest.com/contact/ or email Jennifer Quinn directly at jennifer@phorest.com

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