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Philips 52 PFL 9704 LCD TV reviews published by Televisions.com

Press Release: January 19, 2010

January 19, 2010 - In a review published on Televisions.com, the website presents its appraisal of the Philips 52 PFL 9704's performance, picture quality, and design. A combination of sophisticated measurement techniques and subjective analysis by experienced testers allows the reviewers to derive an overall rating for devices; the Philips scored fairly highly at 8.1 out of 10 points.

There is therefore plenty of applause for the TVs high contrast ratio - the highest the reviewers have ever measured - and excellent motion clarity. But theres little praise for the screen's unnatural colours, awkward operation, and local-dimming artefacts. Nevertheless, the reviewers gave the TV a general thumbs-up - Televisions.com's head tester and editor-in-chief, Florian Friedrich, said: "Philips' new 52-incher will captivate home-cinema fans with near-perfect blacks and an extremely cinematic picture."

The review continues its praise when looking at the TV's multimedia capabilities - the Philips impressed Televisions.com by playing back files via USB, over a network connection, and wirelessly via WLAN. The Philips' Ambilight - a wall-lighting system whose colour varies to match those of the current picture - also earned the 52 PFL 9704 plenty of plus points. Although the reviewer noticed flaws in the standard-definition picture, he goes on to offer advice on avoiding certain pitfalls, to make sure that buyers get the best out of the TV.

With HD, it's a similar story - a mix of positive and negative, with the halo effects from the local dimming technology attracting particular criticism. The review includes a list of ideal settings, which the reviewers derived using colour-measurement equipment and test patterns - these settings optimise the TV's picture for the dark home-cinema environment. The overall verdict is positive, says Friedrich, who added: "Contrast on this Philips even surpasses our current reference standard, set by Pioneer's KRP-500 plasma, but the overall picture quality falls short in a few other areas."

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