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Philips 46 PFL 9704 reviews published by Televisions.com

Press Release: January 18, 2010

January 16, 2010 - Televisions.com has today published its review of the Philips 46 PFL 9704, combining data from high-tech measuring devices with subjective evaluation of picture quality to derive an overall rating of 8.3 out of 10 points. The TV scored highly for its excellent picture quality and low power consumption, as well as an impressive list of multimedia capabilities. But the review criticises the menus unresponsive interface and deeply nested sub pages, citing one example of a setting that requires the user to press twelve buttons on the remote control in order to access it. But the overall impression at Televisions.com is positive, with one reviewer saying: The Philips excellent lists of features mean its easy to forgive the tricky operation.

Multimedia gets an especially positive write-up, thanks to the Philips ability to play back files via USB, LAN, and WLAN, as well as internet access through the Net TV system. Televisions.com was also impressed with the TVs Ambilight system, a proprietary Philips concept that wraps the TV in a soft glow to match the colours of the current picture. Picture quality with standard signals raised a few eyebrows with the review team, who point out flicker during camera pans in SD content via both Scart and HDMI. High-definition content, on the other hand, earns applause from the reviewers; although they noticed some a halo effect as a result of the TVs local dimming technology. Televisions.com also noticed colour errors in various test patterns but the review only describes this as a small weakness. The Philips built-in speakers also impressed the reviewers, who praised the tweeters clarity and the woofers rich bass.

Televisions.com ends the review with a list of ideal settings for the 46 PFL 9704; these are designed to optimise the TVs picture for the dark environment of the home cinema.

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