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Philipp Selva, a new concept of a luxury total living

Press Release: July 01, 2015

June 2015 - Elegant, refined, cosmopolitan: this is the style that distinguishes Selva. Protagonist of the most exclusive settings, it shows through its products a sophisticated taste perfectly balanced with a deep craftsmanship, boasting almost 50 years of history and up with the continuos evolution of the market. As a result of a constant research the new Philipp Selva line came to light. A unique concept that gives to each ambience a total living under the sign of a discreet luxury.

“No more collections but a new lifestyle concept where single pieces, beautifully made, work in harmony with each other to create an elegant backdrop to live in, under the sign of a discreet luxury which is timeless” says CEO Philipp Selva. A comprehensive project, where balanced tones meet contrasts. This is the new Philipp Selva line realized in strict collaboration with the designers Marzia and Leonardo Dainelli. Esthetic solutions that blend together antique handcraft with a valued and modern luxury concept. A challenge for Selva, that reinvents itself creating a brave new image.

The value of uniqueness marks the new Selva’s mood, a celebration and delicate interpretation of an elegant living, to inspire, excite and surprise who is looking for tailor made furniture all made in Italy.

“The new Selva’s lifestyle philosophy is born from the need to communicate the stability of the company, that since 1968 furnish both private settings and contract ones. Over time Selva has been able to mature into its own unique individuality, reflecting in any case the values and the lifestyles of the contemporary age, readjusting its product range according to the needs of the user”.

“Creating a new image meant a new logo, new products, new materials and fabrics, new colour schemes. A project that involves Selva 360°, creates an absolutely harmonious style and implements the principle of a refined, lasting elegance” concludes CEO Philipp Selva.

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