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Pharmacovigilance Courses Give An Understanding About Drug Safety And Pharmacovigilance

Press Release: April 02, 2020


Pharmacovigilance is a process to monitor medicines that are used in clinical practices on a daily basis It also carries out risk-benefit analysis to identify adverse reactions that were not discovered during the clinical trial phases. For this reason, pharmacovigilance is an integral component which comes under drug discovery and development procedures. One needs to have qualifications as well as expertise to   indentify the risk with drugs. Pharmacovigilance Courses give one the required expertise.

Global Partners to Practice Drug Safety

There are a number of drug safety measures which could be implemented to prevent adverse drug reactions; they are implemented through various global partners to practice drug safety. They are:

  • The Quality Assurance and Safety Team: it is a team that is a part of Essential Drugs and Medicines Policy. They come under the canopy of WHO and Pharmaceuticals Cluster.
  • The Uppsala Monitoring Centre: This center manages the international database of ADR reports which is obtained from the National Centers.
  • The National Pharmacovigilance Centers: These centers have a significant role in public health and works to increase the awareness in masses about drug safety.
  • Hospitals and Academia: These medical institutes constantly monitor and record the adverse drug reactions which are caused due o specific drugs.
  • Health Professionals: They oversee the various drug-related problems that are monitored over a period of time.
  • Patients: Volunteers play an important role in the effectiveness of drug safety.
  • Drug Regulation Authorities: Drug regulation authorities design pharmacovigilance courses to ensure the safety of medicines.

Challenges That Will Be Faced By Pharmacovigilance Industry in The Future

The Pharmacovigilance Industry will face the following challenges in the future. They are:

  • Globalization
  • Web-based sales and information
  • Broader safety concerns
  • Public Health v/s pharmaceutical industry economic growth
  • Monitoring developed products
  • Attitudes and perceptions to benefit and harms
  • Outcome and impact




 The Need To Undergo Pharmacovigilance Courses

One needs to enroll in pharmacovigilance courses to gain an understanding of the pharmacovigilance industry.  These courses also help professionals’ tale steps to monitor drugs that do not follow the specified standards and cause adverse reactions.  Furthermore, these courses help prove the expertise of professionals to regulatory authorities. Finally, their skills help them ensure that they have the required pharmacovigilance systems in place.



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