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Pharmacovigilance Courses Create Several Job Opportunities In The Industry

Press Release: April 03, 2020

Introduction to Pharmacovigilance

Pharmacovigilance or drug safety is a science which prevents adverse effects or any drug related problem.  It is also a consecutive process which includes safety processes accompanied by diverse steps along with safety evaluation to enhance safe usage of medicines.  Pharmacovigilance courses qualify professionals to carry out such processes. Moreover, pharmacovigilance is a science which is stops the adverse reactions by altering the dose or banning the drug.  Professionals monitor and obtain information on safety of drugs from patients, health professionals, and regulatory authorities. Pharmacovigilance courses prepare professionals to conduct drug safety processes.

Importance of Drug Safety

 The main aim of clinical research and pharmacovigilance is to improve the health and quality of life of human beings. For that reason, professionals should find out the risk associated with these medicines even though they mean no harm to patients. Hence, professionals should enroll in pharmacovigilance courses. Furthermore, pharmacovigilance can eliminate damaging effects from costly drug-related problems. In addition to that, pharmacovigilance is essential for the progress of medicine and should be harness used efficiently to assist drug development and marketing. Pharmacovigilance courses prepare professionals for different processes in drug safety.

Eligibility for Pharmacovigilance Courses

Students who have a life sciences degree in zoology, botany, biotechnology, microbriology,biochemistry and genetics can pursue a career in pharmacovigilance. Those who have completed pharmacovigilance courses can get different job opportunities and profiles in pharmaceutical companies.


The Purpose of Pharmacovigilance in India

The pharmacovigilance industry in India has certain purposes in India.  The purpose of pharmacovigilance in the country is to:

  • recommend regulatory interventions
  • communicate risks to healthcare professionals and public obtained by data collected, collated and analyzed;
  • improve patient care and safety; contribute in assessing benefit, effectiveness and risk of medicines;
  • Promote education and clinical training on safe and rational use of medicines.

Pharmacovigilance courses help professionals achieve these purposes in the country.



Job Opportunities After Pharmacovigilance Courses

Currently, pharmacovigilance had been included in the healthcare system and there is more awareness about drug safety and pharmacovigilance among patients and healthcare professionals. There are more research studies being conducted to enhance the facility of developing and marketing new drugs that meet pharmacovigilance requirements of Indian regulatory authorities. After completing pharmacovigilance courses, one could get several job opportunities in drug safety.

To summarize, there is more awareness about the pharmacovigilance industry among the pharmaceutical sectors. Therefore, one could get many job opportunities in the drug safety industry.


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