Press Release: June 20, 2020


Business Horizons, pharmaceutical publishers, announces the launch of their latest publication titled Pharma Manufacturing Covid-19 Challenge. This is their latest offering in the field of pharmaceutical books, after the highly successful earlier book Pharmaceutical Facility Management.

In December 2019, China began noticing a disturbing trend of pneumonia like cases that were fast multiplying in the city of Wuhan, the sprawling capital of central China’s Hubei province. They are commonly thought to have originated from a wet market in city centre called Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market. This outbreak turned into a juggernaut rampaging through all corners of the world, turning into a pandemic never seen before in living memory.

Pharmaceutical manufacturing is a critical component of our fightback to ensure regular uninterrupted supply of medicines and vaccines for the patients. In the numerous lockdowns implemented in various countries this brought fresh challenges for continuous operations of pharmaceutical facilities. This publication has been brought out to provide collated information of practical and immediate use of pharma companies to keep their operations running.

It contains critical information on subjects of current interest like Business Continuity Planning, Workplace Guidelines, Suppy Chain Logistics, Cleaning and Disinfection, Pharma Plant Operations, Regulatory Compliance etc.

This book is available from their website https://businesshorizons.com/

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