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Pet Insurance Demystified?

Press Release: January 26, 2010

Somerset, England - A pet insurance comparison website has launched an articles category with the aim of demystify the process of insuring pets.

Pet Insurance Comparison launched in October 2009 and has been growing steadily since the launch. The new category within the site provides the answers to some of the most common questions customers ask when looking for pet insurance. The articles are in plain and simple language with such titles as '3 Main Types of Pet Insurance: What's Best For You?' and 'Do I Need Pet Insurance?'.

Alex King, owner of www.pet-insurance-comparison.net, says: "There are quite a lot of questions around pet insurance that haven't been answered in a clear enough way for most people to understand. That's what this part of the website aims to correct."

It's not just insurance though as King says he is starting to incorporate more fun articles, such as the recently posted 'Top 10 Dog and Cat Names for 2009': "Insurance can be a complex and dry subject at times and so the idea behind incorporating more intriguing and fun pet related articles into this section is to keep visitors focused on what it's all about - the lovely pets we have as companions" says King.

Pet Insurance Comparison compares pet insurance for those who are deciding whether to take out pet insurance or those shopping for a new deal. This new section adds to that by providing pet articles that help pet owners. Pet Insurance Comparison welcome pet owners' questions and suggestions for articles.

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