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Perm voted worst ever fashion trend

Press Release: March 25, 2010

The UKs fastest growing retail website has investigated what Brits vote as the worst fashion trends ever, and have asked what they predict will be the biggest fashion disasters of the current trends.

In light of http://www.offerssupermarket.co.uk top 10s which run weekly including the most fashionable products available online now, the site asked 1,721 people the multi answer question What is the worst fashion trend ever?

The 80s Perm hair style was voted as the worst fashion trend ever with 69% agreeing, closely followed by the 90s trend of Shell Suits with 61%.

Top 10 worst fashion trends:

1.Perms - 69%
2.Shell Suits - 61%
3.Tie-dye - 58%
4.Dungarees - 52%
5.Crocs - 47%
6.Bumbags - 41%
7.Chokers - 36%
8.Stone wash denim - 33%
9.Bomber jackets - 24%
10.Cycling shorts - 21%

1 in 10 people, 11%, felt that Tartan miniskirts were the worst fashion trend ever and 3% felt that high-waisted trousers from the 70s deserved the title.

Offerssupermarket.co.uk also asked the same 1,721 people What current fashion do you think will be embarrassing in 10 years?

Top 10 predicted fashion disasters:

1.Velour tracksuits - 81%
2.Jeggings - 72%
3.Waist belts - 64%
4.Box fringe - 61%
5.UGG boots - 57%
6.Floral Leggings - 53%
7.Bat wing tops - 46%
8.Bodycon dresses - 40%
9.Skinny jeans - 29%
10.Waistcoats with shirts - 23%

When asked which fashion era would you have liked to have grown up in? the 80s was the most popular, with 68% choosing the decade. However 1 in 10, 8% said they would like to have grown up in the Victorian era. 34% would have liked to have grown up in the 60s and 18% were happy with the fashion of the noughties.

Offerssupermarket.co.uk uniquely offers a service which searches for any item that site user cannot find themselves online, as well as providing them with ten of the best deals on a variety of products.

Eve Atkins, founder of Offers Supermarket, has said,

We conducted this research based on one of the sites main concepts, which offers consumers the top 10 best products available at any given time. I think it will be interesting to look back in a decade and see which fashion must haves have turned into a fashion shouldnt have.

She continued,

Fashion has a tendency to repeat itself, so perhaps in 10 years time the sites top 10 list will look very similar to how it would have down in the 70s!

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Eve Atkins, the managing director of OffersSupermarket.co.uk has been in publishing for more than 20 years working in regional press and web

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