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Perfect Gifts for Pampered Pooches from John Norris

Press Release: January 27, 2010

They may have descended from wolves originally, but when they made that decision to hitch up with us humans all those thousands of years ago, they exchanged a gale-swept struggle for survival on the steppes for a life of comfortable indulgence on the sofa in front of the fire.

Take the scrumptiously comfy 40 Winks Pet Bed Oval Sleeper in Faux Suede. These machine washable beds are luxuriously restful and come in a range of sizes, from the 20 inch Jack Russell oval at £19.99 to the 32 inch Labrador bed at £35.99. Youll never have to give up your favourite armchair again with these sleepers in front of the radiator.

Just to remind your coddled canine of their hunting ancestry, why not treat them to an Orvis Pheasant Dog Toy? Delightfully squishy and safe, this cuddly squeaking pheasant is just the right size (6 inches) and shape to allow your dog show off to his friends theyll think hes a real hunter (so will he). At £15.00, itll give your dog oodles of fun.

And anyone whos taken their dog on a lengthy car journey will know that keeping your pet adequately watered can be an irksome business. John Norris can come to the rescue the amazing Dog Road Refresher (first seen on the TV programme Dragons Den) is now available. And its great for home use, too, reducing slobber by 90% and keeping floors dry. Using a patented aqua-system, this non-spill water bowl comes in two sizes - Small (£9.99) and Large (£11.99). Your dog will never want to use a bog-standard open bowl again!

A trip to the vet can be a nerve-racking enough experience for your dog without having to be stuffed into an uncomfortable metal cage; the Seeland Dog Transport Box offers a more dignified means of carrying your pooch into and out of your car. These lightweight transport boxes are easily collapsible after use and come with front, side and top zip openings for accessibility even in a shallow car boot. Made of tough nylon fabrics supported by strong, light metal poles and a luxuriously fleece-lined metal base tray, these boxes even have collapsible fabric water bowls! There are three sizes to choose from Terrier (£56.99), Spaniel (£67.99) and Labrador £79.99.

Spoil your spaniel, love you Labrador and treat your terrier with a visit to John Norris!

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