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Pep Talk Radio Launches Free Online Spanish and English Language Learning Events

Press Release: August 21, 2020

Pep Talk Radio is pleased to announce our free online language learning events.

We are language enthusiasts and we saw that language learners around the globe lack the environment to learn and practice. So, we decided to make language learning more fun and interactive by organizing online and offline events.

Language learners can find more details of all upcoming events on the event's page: https://www.peptalkradio.com/upcoming-language-events-worldwide/

There are different types of language learning events that we organize. Most of them are free to join.

Online Events
We organize few weekly online events. These events are easily accessible as you can join from anywhere in the world and meet other language learners from all around the world.

All our meetings are always dedicated to only one target language, so that you can get more time to speak and practice. You'll get plenty of opportunities to practice your conversational skills.

Offline Events
Our offline events are organized locally where students from one city gather to practice. This is great to improve your conversation skills, as you can meet people from your own city.

In offline meetings you won't face any cultural differences so it is easy to communicate. You can talk a lot about common things happening in and around your city.  However, online events are amazing to learn more about new cultures.

Exchange Events
Sometimes we also organize language exchange events. These can be online or offline. In an exchange meetings, you meet people learning different languages. And you get a chance to be paired with a native speaker of your target language who is learning your native language.

The main idea behind these meetings is to bring all the language learners together so that you can help each other and learn together. Also you get a chance to speak with native speakers so you get the real taste of the language your are learning.


Notes to editors

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